Mezzo Wednesday: Kasarova

The president of the Kasarovian Republic emailed this morning…

The recent appearance of Vesselina Kasarova in the regional BR Abendschau can be watched at the BR website and can also be downloaded (download icon underneath the video).

The interview is in German, but in addition, there are some nice video clips, including a very early Zerlina (with Furlanetto as the Don), some concert footage – most of it also rather early – and some dance moves (more recent). And shirtsleeves, of course:

The whole clip clocks in at about seven minutes, with a weird, apparently lip-synched Tancredi at the studio in the end – that recording, we know backwards. In our sleep.

And if your week is as rainy as mine and needs even more white shirt action to brighten, stop by at towanda’s place, who is reporting on Joyce DiDonato’s latest Facebook-shared images regarding her current Octavian (and the Marschallin in case) at La Scala.

And for a personal report from the Scala performances, check out Schrati’s blog for report and photos.

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