Video Alert: Gotan Project with White Shirt Vibes

[Claudia Pannone, lead vocals at Gotan Project. – Paris 2011]

I know I mentioned this concert (available as gratis live stream at ArteLiveWeb) last week as an aside in the Bolshoi post, but after having watched it three times already, I need to give it an extra White Shirt shout-out.

Even if you’re not into tango, or electrotango, chances are you might appreciate Claudia Pannone in a (generously unbuttoned)  white short. And tux jacket. And loosely knotted tie. It’s young Sigourney Weaver meeting the L Word’s Dana. Singing tango is just an added bonus.

Just watch the first two minutes, ignore the presumptious guys (no, not everyone can pull off a Fedora) and enjoy the entrance that Pannone makes.

Musically, the group doesn’t present that much of their latest disk, but instead dusts off some favorite classics from their first album. All easy to listen to (and to dance to). To appreciate the video projections, I clearly lack some insight, though they also offer this:

On the whole, the concert is a very enjoyable (electro)tango hour, with a white shirt in an unexpected place – and, of course, some later costume changes that include the sleek and sleeveless:Sometimes, a white shirt is just a collar, but do we mind?

I guess we don’t mind.

And I’ll now put the concert on for the fourth time and whistle along while I work on the script for “Small Steps” again (the opening number is part of the soundtrack, a nice coincidence).

4 thoughts on “Video Alert: Gotan Project with White Shirt Vibes”

  1. Thank you so much!!!!! Even Mafaldanator likes it!!! 😆 She’s right now here by my side listening attentively -and watching my dancing feet 😉

    By the way, tango is “bandoneón”, no doubt . 🙂


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