White Shirt Monday: Sopranos and Single Malt

[Angela Denoke as Emilia/Elina in Janáček’s “Věc Makropulos”. – Salzburg 2011]

High time for another soprano entry in this category! I apologize for the grainy photo quality, it’s a shot of the open air broadcast of this year’s Salzburg “Makropulos” production as staged by Christoph Marthaler with Angela Denoke in the lead- even my-friend-the-dramaturg couldn’t get tickets for that one, hence the outdoor photo.

Still, it has all the important ingredients: Fantastic singer, in a white shirt (who – the DVD should be out shortly – spends a good part of the courtroom scene in nothing but this white shirt), attitude, good liquor.

A rehearsal video for the production with (in Denoke’s case, German) interview bits can be found here on the Salzburger Festspiele YT channel (tank tops as of 6:53, nice capering of a white shirt as of 7:03).

4 thoughts on “White Shirt Monday: Sopranos and Single Malt”

  1. a nice idea!
    As soon as I get back to blogging, this is on the WSM list!

    And lucky you, catching those 4 letzte! I’ve never heard her with those, but I imagine her diction will shine as usual.


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