White Shirt Monday: Foreign Affairs

[Angela Denoke channeling Fritzi Massary (and Zarah Leander!) with the Oscar Straus classic “Why shouldn’t a woman have an affair?” at the 2011 Semperoper Year’s End concert, Dresden 2011.]

A soprano in a tux, sans shirt (does that black camisole count?) – I couldn’t think of a much better way to start a new year.

The Thielemann Lehár extravaganza was well worth listening to also beyond the tux, though, especially when you have a soft spot for Viennese operetta (I do). Denoke, replacing the initially billed and hyped Renée Fleming Schrott-Netrebkos, isn’t the singer to go for easy glamour, but amply displayed intelligent musicianship, as is her trademark. She did go through the requisite dress changes, though – first number: meh, second number: wowza!, third number: tuxedotuxedotuxedo… uhm, where was I?

The Silvesterkonzert ist still available as an online streamvia the ZDF MEdiathek. It doesn’t seem to be geoblocked; I had no trouble accessing it from Spain. The Oscar Strauss song starts around minute 70, don’t miss the queer verse of

Kennen Sie Frau Y, die hübsche, schlanke Blonde?
Wissen Sie, was man da sagt?
Sie hat ’nen Mann, sie hat ’nen Freund
Und einen Onkel, der es sehr gut mit ihr meint.
Ja, dann hat sie ’nen Löwenjäger
Und auch einen Jazzband-Neger –
Donnerwetter, der Konsum!
Man sagt ihr nach, man tratscht herum,
die ist auch außerdem ein bisschen andersrum…?
[Do you know Ms. Y, the tall, lanky blonde?
Do you know what’s being said about her?
She’s got a husband, she’s got a boyfriend
and an “uncle” who’s very fond of her.
Then, she’s got a lion hunter
and also a black jazzband musician –
good Lord, what an appetite!
The rumor goes, the gossip is:
isn’t she playing a bit for the other team as well?]

Happy New White Shirt Year!

7 thoughts on “White Shirt Monday: Foreign Affairs”

  1. Are you sure about Denoke replacing Renee Fleming this year? It seems to me that Ms. Fleming sang the Dresden Lehar performance last New Year when she arrived late due to the snowstorm in New York and Anna Netrebko subbed for the dress rehearsal. No Dresden concert was on her calendar for December, 2011


    1. I found it out, too, but I read it in several German news outlets from months ago – though they might simply have messed it up, and Fleming wasn’t planned at all this year.


      1. yes, you were rigjht – it seems the Netrebko-Schrotts were initially scheduled – unless that’s an unother press outlet that is unreliable…


  2. wooohoooo, no geoblockage, i can see, yay!! with a niece hanging off me leg, i was in a haste to slide the play button forward, loooovely tux!! will have to come back during more quiet time for more tentative listening. Thanks!


  3. I have unfortunately had far too few opportunities to hear Denoke live. Once was in Rosenkavalier in New York another as in a Vienna Salome where she took the trouble to dispense with her kit. Some said this bit of showmanship was an unnecessary distraction from her fantastic singing and acting but I found it difficult to rouse myself to raise a similar objection.


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