White Shirt Monday: Want to buy some Illusions?

[I’ll drink to that: Delphine Galou as Disinganno in the imported-from-Zurich Flimm staging of Handel’s “Il trionfo del tempo e del disinganno” at Staatsoper Berlin, Berlin 2012. – Photo Credit: Berliner Staatsoper]

The shirt! The open buttons! The pose! The suspenders (not pictured, but check the  video trailer)! The chiseled profile! The fact that Mijanovic once premiered this! (and yes, all this might combined make me forgive that odd late 80s asymmetrical wig).

I propose a toast to nicely lit collarbones and to more Minkowski Baroque repertory conducting at Berliner Staatsoper.

7 thoughts on “White Shirt Monday: Want to buy some Illusions?”

  1. Mildred is as I write unpacking the trunks from a quite delightful trip to Berlin to see this and the Montezuma. A veritable feast of White Shirtery, poor Mildred was quite overcome, It was a good thing I had brought my smelling salts.

    Hard to say what the highlight was…. Minkowski? Galou? Hallenberg? Kasarova? Oh my…

    I must say though Ms Galou cuts a damn dashing figure of a chap (even in bald wig), and has a heavenly voice with quite astonishingly rounded low notes and a fabulous range, for me the singing and acting chops went to Ms Kalna as Piacere. She is simply divine! Very funny, very moving, and a deeply deeply effecting Lascia la spina. And of course Mr Minkowski and his orchestra were, as ever, incredible.

    Sadly Graun is no Handel, but Montezuma has its moments and Ms Kasarova made the most of them, and that super smart Berlin audience knew it! The critics seemed to feel the rising young soprano was the star of the premiere, but on Saturday the audience were quite clear that VK owned the night, with Ann Hallenberg a very close second. Pre interval t was all about Ms Hallenberg. I have not had the pleasure of seeing her live before, I will again as soon as I can. Sitting in row three right in front of her I had to hold on to my seat! Such a powerful voice, such fantastic rapport with the audience, camping up the ‘baddie’ role fully and astonishing us with her technical skill. You can really hear – and feel – what a brilliant Baroque specialist she is. And VK, well I promised Dr T I would swing over to her place and deliver a missive from the white shirt front. But suffice to say for now that in a weekend stuffed with Baroque wonders she still reigns supreme (even if she did forget her white shirt, or indeed any shirt und her suit jacket!). It really feels such an honour to hear her sing, she’s a mature singer at the point where she can do almost anything. I would give anything to hear her and Hallenberg together again. Perhaps Mr Minkowski could persuaded to take on Montezuma? It would need some brutal adaptation and I am afraid voicing the recits wasn’t all that successful as a technique to cope with the failings of the piece, but it does have some great moments…

    Sigh. What a perfect weekend in Berlin!


    1. My, I do hope that Mildred is regaining her composure – rereading this report won’t help, I fear. Thank you for sharing!


    2. Now that’s one cool white-shirter, Anik!! 😀

      Thanks a million for the report on Montezuma, PM! 😀 Sounds like you gals are off to a good operatic start for the year. I’m duffering through another batch of grade school math at the moment, but will sneak out to catch Salome at the SDO tomorrow night (Lise Lindstrom is singing the naughty girl… this being San Diego I’m afraid I won’t be in for any real strip tease during the dance scene, but the gal sang a bloody awesome Turandot here last year, so I’m looking forward to it). 😉

      Hey Eyes! 🙂

      Hope everyone is well and having a good week!


    3. gosh such vivid reports were how i got into white-shirt traveling in the first place… got me hanging on to my seat reading! Purity, just got my project sorted out and all meetings cancelled (to supposedly working on project 😉 ), let’s do some white-shirt planning! Didn’t know Hallenberg was singing with VK! i so jealous!


      1. Oh absolutely! You seen VK is singing in Dresden in June, we’re going, should be fantastic!! Great programme. And of course we have to get our plans in place for Capuleti … Fingers crossed for tx.

        And yeah AH was a huge bonus, really blew me away, you’d love her. Another one of those singers that really needs to be heard live. The coloratura was really stunning.


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