White Shirt Monday: English Breakfast

[Sarah Connolly (Octavian) in the ENO “Rosenkavalier”, London 2012. – Photo Credit: English National Opera]


Anyone still breathing?

Alright, take a break, I’ll be back in a minute.

ENO is currently running an English-language of Strauss’ “Rosenkavalier”, much lauded in the critic (in fact, have a seat before you read this one) – and how could it be any different, with Sarah Connolly rocking the stage as the Kavalier himself, next to the Marschallin of Amanda Roocroft, whom I last saw as Fiordiligi in the Gardiner “Così fan tutte”, sometime in the mid-nineties?

Mind you, Roocroft with Rainer Trost was adorable. Roocroft, fifteen years later and with Sarah Connolly? A whole different kind of wonderful. Sophie Bevan makes a remarkable role debut as her namesake and John Tomlinson stars as Ochs.

Performances are still running Feb. 11th, 17th, 21st and 24th, tickets still available.

As I remarked when first seeing above picture: Is there anyone willing to share a rowboat across the Gulf of Biscay and up the Thames with me?! Because I am rowing already!

Ah, but what do I keep talking. Admit it, you haven’t heard a word of what I said. You’re still staring at that photo, thinking “shirt… boots… shirt… boots…wow, how much swagger can a person have sitting down?!” – And, in fact, I’m going to join you in doing just that for the foreseeable future.

9 thoughts on “White Shirt Monday: English Breakfast”

  1. The boots and Shirt are rather dashing are they not?

    I’ve seen Roocroft as the Graffin several times and liked her a lot but she seems to have had a few stumbles along the way. Hope the Marschallin is working our for her. Certainly those who have enjoyed success in the former often do well in the latter.

    Trost was great as Ferrando at the ROH in the late 90s and a fair Don Ottavio in a generally smashing Don G in the Met circa 2003 or so.

    Have to confess to serious reservations about Rosenkavalier in English though.


  2. I reiterate my remarks from a previous blog, you can’t better her in this role, she has enough swash and buckle to carry you along to the final curtain. Bravo!! Sarah.


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