Free Tissues?

Cecilia Bartoli as Desdemona in Rossini’s “Otello”, Zurich 2012.

Possibly, there will be a free livestream of this production in two hours on

I say “possibly” since I get blocked after 5 minutes when calling up the website (a pop-up appears telling me that I should either log in or sign up), but the always reliable Intermezzo blogged it, so I will give it a try. Also, I will never need an excuse to post a photo Bartoli in a Coco Chanelesque little black number.

In case of trouble, there’s always the option to sign up with for 3 gratis trial days – I haven’t tried it yet, so I don’t know how difficult it is to disentangle oneself from it afterwards, but I might just have to find out.

9 thoughts on “Free Tissues?”

    1. thank you for the link, a really nice read!
      Now I hope more than ever that the gods of opera livestreaming will be with me in 47 minutes 😉


  1. Bartoli was spectacular in this, I just finished watching. (I signed up on MediciTV ages ago; you get a newsletter every now and again, and that’s all the hassle you’ll ever get.) Se il padre m’abbandona, and the Willow Song were perfection. Too much air time for the tenors, but it’s manageable (when a tenor goes on a tenor-aria rampage, I go to the kitchen to put the kettle on; or I fast forward, the MediciTV player is great that way).

    Emilia and Desdemona even kiss in one scene. Ileana N as her sidekick was good too. I was never a huge fan of Bartoli, but this is her kind of repertoire and she makes it superb. Multi-faceted. Subtle. Passionate. Compassionate. Sexy.

    I can’t get over how good the Willow Song was…

    Usually Medici makes their live opera webcasts available for a few days longer, so I think I’ll go back.


  2. Really enjoyed this, with DTO – the overture could do with a good pruning, and one tenor is quite frankly almost too many but worth it for CB, great to see her really acting (concerts can get a bit too camp). And wow that third act, just fantastic. Surprised myself with how much I enjoyed it, must be getting old beginning to get a bit of a taste for this ‘new fanged stuff’!


  3. is a little confusing, in that they give you a three minute window to watch stuff before you get the pop-up notice to log in or register. Also they tend to start running randomly whatever is in the current queue as soon as you land on the page. All of these things are disconcerting, and I suspect they lose a lot of potential viewership this way. Certainly the three people I sent links to for Ariadne were mystified and subsequently bailed out.

    Registering doesn’t cost anything if you’re watching newly-posted stuff — it’s the archived things you pay for (and the three day trial gets you access to that,at least for the first time, and you don’t have to give them a cc # or do anything to unsubscribe,afaik). And, as DtO says, hassle ex post facto is minimal. Also I’m given to understand new stuff is accessible w/o subscription for 30 days? Haven’t tested this yet,so I guess now’s my chance.


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