Mezzo Alert: The Book Fairest Of Them All

While I’m not sure what Sven-Eric Bechtholf’s vision for “Don Carlo” is (haven’t heard much yet), it’s safe to say that Vesselina Kasarova’s Eboli is apparently channeling a fair bit of Lana Parrilla’s Evil Queen (now how does one translate “Swan Queen” into “Don Carlo” terms!?).

Before the “Don Carlo” run in Zurich continues on the 18th, however, Kasarova will present her book on singing at the Leipzig Book Fair – with a reading that includes some singing and some signing. At just €8, too.

Yes, just €8.

The venue is Leipzig opera house, tickets available here. More info on the book, “Ich singe mit Leib und Seele”, here, including dates for radio presentations on March 16th and 17th – both will be available through radio livestreams via the MDR Figaro radio channel.

Since my own modest tome on Assyrian Pottery was originally slated (delayed, alas…) to be out for the Book Fair, as well, I had already planned a trip up to Leipzig, which will now focus on Kasarova’s book release instead of mine. Things could be worse…

2 thoughts on “Mezzo Alert: The Book Fairest Of Them All”

  1. Singing and signing – wow! We are lucky to have an on-the-spot reporter ( bravely hiding disappointment ) Can’t wait for the report and many thanks for the other info 🙂


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