White Shirt Monday: Blue Velvet

[Going Out in style: Deborah Polaski as Countess Geschwitz in Andrea Breth’s new reading of Berg’s “Lulu”, Berlin (Staatsoper) 2012]

After last year’s stellar “Wozzeck”, Andrea Breth is offering an interpretation of Berg’s only other opera, “Lulu”, at Berliner Staatsoper – opening night was last Saturday, performances are running through April 14th. It looks incredibly smart and incredibly gloomy – scene stills aren’t up yet, but there is a production trailer.

Bonus points for heavy Lempicka references:

While I have the feeling that I wouldn’t sleep for weeks after seeing it (Breth has a way to make the desolate echo for a long time afterwards), I’d try to catch it anyway. Polaski, who is a force of nature in live performance (I’ve seen her “Erwartung”. “Squeee!” is the only appropriate reaction, possibly second only to fainting), is starring as Countess Geschwitz opposite the Lulu of Mojca Erdmann. Full cast list over at the Staatsoper website. Get out those lorgnettes!

2 thoughts on “White Shirt Monday: Blue Velvet”

  1. Came here googling pictures of Polaski’s Geschwitz after seeing yesterday’s performance, and I just want to say that I couldn’t agree with you more on the “force of nature in live performance” bit. Here once again, OMG doesn’t begin to cover it.

    A fellow white shirt aficionada


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