Since I mentioned the current edition of Opernwelt yestreday already, let me mention two more articles: first of all, a small tribute to Brigitte Fassbaender (furthermore known as the “M” of mezzo world) who will step down from her post of intendant at the Innsbruck opera, stating that it’s enough and that she doesn’t want to start repeating herself.

Unsurprising, since Fassbaender has always been a singer (rare as they may be) who knew exactly when and how to exit in style, onstage and off. I do hope that there will be masterclasses and oterh ventures in the years to come, though. My mezzo world would fall to pieces if there was no Fassbaender in it at all.

Since the article isn’t available for free online, never mind about it and take a trip to Innsbruck instead until the end of the season, so that you can say you’ve been to mezzo-lead opera land while there was the possibility.

Another article that is available for free online is a very intelligent and enjoyable interview with Anja Harteros (German only, but try the online translating services and, if in doubt, ask me for details) about enjoying a career out of the marketing/planning circuit, with a maximum of 40 performances per year and no website (she had one, but didn’t like the image styling questions that inevitably pop up with maintaining one), but with the satisfaction of seeing quality coming out on top, no matter the machinery (don’t I wish that were true for academia, as well…). Also a topic of this particular conversation: regietheater and slipping into characters, attitudes about fame and singing (PR, no thank you) and chance words about how she imagines herself perceived (“old-fashioned, phlegmatic, complicated”).  Further talk includes roles taken on (Elsa, Elisabetta) and not taken on (Sophie, Anna Bolena, Isolde (!)) and ideas for the future (teaching, maybe some day Norma, growing her own salad). Also studying Alcina with Loy is mentioned.

It’s a great read, do not miss. I particularly ❤ her attitude towards the Waldbühne concert mania, although this amount of fangirling typography would perhaps already be too much for Harteros’ tastes… but judge for yourselves!

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