Thursday Whosungit


[Vocal Pose: six ladies and a chaiselongue – Photo Credit: unknown. click to enlarge!]

This is a reader submission – a photo “found somewhere in the depths of tumblr”. I tried and tried, but couldn’t trace it back, either. Probably I didn’t manage to guess the original snarky tag.

I have never seen this picture before,  I can just say that this is a lot of femal operatic awesomeness arranged on one couch. Can you identify all six participants?

From the looks of it, I’d guess it’s a shot from  the late 90s, probably a magazine scan – does anyone among you know more?

18 thoughts on “Thursday Whosungit”

    1. good question… I have no idea.

      I manage to make out four, but am stumped on the two seated left of the sofa, although I have the distinct feeling that I DO know them.


      1. OK here’s an idea. The one not wearing black and holding various instruments of torture is the make-up artist for the other 5 ?


  1. What a gathering of some of the most fabulous ladies gracing our opera stages these days! I think I can identify all of them: they are from left to right on the couch sopranos Annette Dasch, Adrianne Pieczonka(?), mezzos Susan Graham and Vesselina Kasarova, in front from bach to front sopranos Natalie Dessay and Angela Denoke. The picture muste have been taken in Salzburg sometime after 2006 (I am working on that).


  2. Barbara Frittoli (almost sure rather than AP), Susan Graham, VK, of course, Angela Denoke (damn, anon got most of these). Don’t know who the lady at top left is but don’t think its Dasch. Could be wrong of course.


  3. I’m with lannoy, Frittoli is a good call (Pieczonka, I’d have recognized after an embarrassigly long amount of time of pouring over Ariadne stills) – and the blonde with the “torture tolls” looks like Dasch to me (at least compared with this shot:

    I knew you ladies would be able to figure this one out – and even right down to year and location (why 2006? VK looks so young, so does Graham, and the hair…?).


    1. Well the apparent youthfulness of VK and Graham seems to indicate a date not much later than very early 2000s and is the principal reason for my reservations re:Dasch. It does sort of look like her but obviously her expression leaves some doubt and she wouldn’t have been in this group at that time. It makes sense that it would have been taken at a festival but a particularly busy week in a place like Vienna might also be a possibility.

      Perhaps the repertoire involved a Cosi with Frittoli and VK or SG or a Figaro again same possible combination. We can look at the Vienna archive, find when Firttoli sang the Countess or Fiordiligi (both of which she has done on numerous occasions), identify the Dorabella or Cherubino and if its either VK or SG see what else was happening contemporaneously.


    2. true, Dasch wouldn’t work within that timeline. Hadn’t considered that.
      I am foreseeing my morning to take place at some Austrian archive websites…


  4. Oooh i was the one who posted this lol. That’s my tumblr! 😀 I found it on the Die Oper Kocht Facebook page. There was another one with Bryn Terfel and Thomas Hampson and a whole host of other singers playing GOLF. I saw it and was like “whutttt?” then *FANGIRL SQUEE*. I must say, i much prefer this picture that your reader has found 🙂 It’s been a while since i’ve been here, Anik. Got an ask today in my tumblr inbox about the provenance of the picture.

    Here’s the link :

    Glad you guys have enjoyed the picture. 😛


    1. P.S. This are the ladies from left to right on the couch: Evelyn Rille (the lady who was behind Die Oper Kocht), Barbara Frittoli, Susan Graham and Vesselina Kasarova. On the floor is of course Angela Denoke (foreground) and Natalie Dessay. Just to answer the question. 😀


    2. phantom! great to see you again. And thanks for solving the riddle (and for providing the initial scavenger hunt) – I am relieved to learn that the blonde on the left is NOT a soprano since I was going crazy trying to figure that one out.

      Although this dates the photo rather late, no? The opera cooking book came out in 2010, when did they take the picture – ten years prior?!


      1. I’m not sure when this picture was taken – from the hair lengths etc i’d concur and say this would be late 90s, maybe early 2000s. 🙂 I think maybe Evelyn Rille has been involved with the opera world for longer than we think? I say this also because of the other picture with the male singers – some very tragic 90s fashion going on there, though to be fair that might just be their lack of style… 😛

        P.S. My English copy of The Opera Cooks came in the mail two days ago. EXCITED! 😀


    1. I knew that the photo reminded me of some other picture! (not that I siftef through image archives in search of it, of course! 😉 )


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