From The Writing Desk: “Small Steps” hunters, Plot Bunnies & “Campus” reloaded

Are you noticing something?

It’s Friday night. And I actually find myself alone with my laptop with an hour of time on my hands.


That hasn’t happened in… hm, do I even remember?… in far too long, anyway.

And what is my first thought? “Hm, I wonder whether I could organize some kind of Friday Fiction Night again.” I probably won’t be able to stop myself. At the moment, the proverbial plot bunnies are going Duracell on my old, old “Killing Game” sketches.

On the serious and reasonable front, I’m working on editing “Campus” when there are five minutes apiece, often while I am standing in line somewhere. At the moment, I am trying to figure out how to rewrite or expand the first, more superficial chapters without giving up the original feel of it. Also, how does one expand without expanding too much? The biggest obstacle to publishing “Campus” is the sheer length of it, and yet I need to expand in the beginning. I am not looking forward to the moment where I will have to cut out things (and I am still not sure I can do it without ruining the sound and feel of the story).

On a lighter note, it warms my heart to see that there are still readers waiting and/or looking for “Small Steps”. I find the story title, in varius combinations, in the search terms at least twice a week. And while I’m working more on “Campus” at the moment, there are also notebook pages (grocery store line this past Tuesday, for example) trying to rearrange “Small Steps” – do I simmer it down to just tango? Or do I keep the waltz classes beforehand and Maca’s conflict between traditional ballroom and tango? Or is it too long that way? Is the whole competition sequence in the beginning too long? Would Esther be physically able to reset a shoulder? Questions and yet more questions…

So there are my two be editing projects that should own every free minute, but then inspiration for a third thing strikes. It’s always the same, I always get ideas when I’m not supposed to have any because I have no time. I mentioned the old idea for a “Killing Game” Über already – despite my reserve to write WWII, to invest the time, despite the trepidation about updating a really old story layout,  find myself plotting and researching and looking for ways to tie up loose ends. I just need to figure out a way to write at fairly regular intervals (I am thinking of Friday Night updates again) and to guarantee, as with all my works, that I will see it through until the end.

I just decided this week that I will not rewatch “Killing Game” in preparation, since I don’t want to keep my storyboard from going off on its own a little. I’ll rename the pub, the village and some characters, although the basic premise will remain the same (yes to the white tux and yes to the nightclub singer trope!).

When I first thought about a plot based on the “Killing Game” scenario, it was during the very early stages of “Campus”; probably in 2000 or 2001. The working title back then – with an English still a lot more rudimentary – was “Resistant Ladies”, which doesn’t work for me any longer. It’s not a good play on “resilient”/”résistance” (it never was, but I didn’t see it back then) and it is awkward and bulky. So at the moment, I don’t even have a title.

I also don’t have a cover graphic, something I always tried to have and often even did myself, but technique has advanced and all my prior headers have been rendered somewhere in between clumsy and ridiculous. There are amazing things out there in tumblr, and I just can’t play at that level. So for now, no catchy header, either.

And yet… I can feel that I am already writing this thing.

Some Friday soon (and quite a few subsequent Fridays), unless somebody knocks some sense into me or I actually get a job for a change.

10 thoughts on “From The Writing Desk: “Small Steps” hunters, Plot Bunnies & “Campus” reloaded”

  1. I stop by on here when I can and enjoy all that you have written…Even when you ask the questions of what to do and I have not read or know what it is you are talking about. I have read things from you it seems a life time ago. I have come to the realization that every life no matter who’s it is can be chaotic and I enjoy the retreat to come on here and disappear in your writings. I write but nothing compared to you and all I have done is unfinished. Most are crazed thoughts of I suppose random poetry if that is what it could be called. So in an afterthought….I will always come back to read what ever it is you write when my life permits me to do so. Good luck!


  2. As for Esther being physically able to reset a shoulder, I’m forgetting the circumstances of the scene, so you’ll need to bear with me. As long as it’s not her own shoulder, and she herself is not injured, then yes, she should be able to. How will depend on how the head of the humerus popped out of shoulder joint and the current position of the arm. See:

    Rotate the shoulder joint, elevating the arm up to the proximal head, and use a bit of pressure to push the joint into place. Using a wall or floor space to provide counter pressure works well, too. If you’re looking at HC medical reality then size-wise Esther could do it. Raquel is about same build, same as Cruz, and they both had reset shoulders. 🙂


    1. …and another nagging doubt put to rest, thanks, j lynn!
      I had no idea there was a wiki on how to reset shoulders out there.


  3. We readers feel lucky enough on your plans and your “more time” for writing. 🙂 However, I would insist on your editing and publishing your previous works, they do deserve being publishing asap!


  4. I’m on it, baby, I’m on it! I forgot to answer your last mail – got sucked in too quickly, it’s like meeting an old – very sexy – friend 😉 .

    And I spend my friday nights – if I’m not riding the Fiaker – playing with Photoshop. So there will be a header!! (and if its only resting place is my hard drive…)


    1. thank you, darl! I guess that means I better send over some screenshots? 😉

      …very much looking forward to your opinion on that mutual old friend, but no hurry.


  5. oh Anik you always know just what to say to a girl….yay, yay, yay, YAY! whether it’s a publication of one of your past successes or a new fic, we’re there!


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