White Shirt Monday: Back to Black

[I swear I know the Xena episode where this is from, I just can’t remember the name right now… Hadar Halévy (Tancredi) and Patrizia my-belcanto-brimgs-all-the-mezzos-to-the-yard Ciofi (Amenaide) rescuing an Amazon Queen. Or something. – Rossini’s “Tancredi”, Deutsche Oper Berlin 2011. – Photo Credit: Bettina Stöß/DOB]

Sadly, there are no Amazon Queens in “Tancredi”, but at least on the subtext level, the opera qualifies for “warrior princess lore”. The imported Pier Luigi Pizzi staging doesn’t do much to disqualify that notion (or anything at all), but white shirts in black and overprocessing lesbians female opera characters with communication issues and leather vests feel just like a workshop weekend in the good old dyke bar on the outskirts of town…

Also, boots or barefeet? Speaking of said bar, I’ve seen both on the dancefloor there, at the same time. Different soundtrack, though.

[…now what was that episode again where Alti goes all Skeletor on a certain warrior princess!?]

12 thoughts on “White Shirt Monday: Back to Black”

    1. thank you, though I believe any reference is only as good or entertaining as the people who get it 😉


  1. Xena-mezzo in Stenhammar’s opera!
    Malmö Opera’s production of Wilhelm Stenhammar’s viking-theme opera Tirfing was just broadcasted on Swedish tv. With Martina Dike as the lead mezzo. N.B.: “dike” is Swedish for “a ditch”.
    The opera portrays a “sword-in-the-stone”-story, but at this time in a feminist point of view. Viking-hero-story, with a mezzo in (hot) pants in the lead role. Hmmm… 🙂
    The mezzo, Martina Dike, had not reached my ears or eyes before, but now I recommend highly! Any other observations of Martina Dike, anyone?


    1. thank you for alerting us to this!
      Nest White Shirt Monday, here we come. Also: YouTube Search, there goes my day…


      1. I loved this brodcast, and it was so interesting to find a new (for me) mezzo (in viking pants). I´m so happy that you too think this/her interesting…


        1. there is far too little of her on YT, and even the Malmö opera website seems to have no material of past productions, as far as I can see — hargh! Now that we are so curious about the Viking White Shirt…


  2. I can’t find enough (net)material either, but I have some photos I took during the tv-broadcast, that I could send you, but I don’t know if it is legal to use photos like this without permission. Photos are just taken from the Swedish tv broadcast from Malmö Opera on May 20th. And, alas, I don’t know how to send them here… Oh dear…


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