Web Alert: Genaux, Nesi, Donose close out Best. May. Ever.

[We’ll just pretend that Gilade is an Amazon warrior pining for fair Selinda instead of a Romulan Roman Commander – Vivica Genaux in Vivaldi’s “Farnace”, Strasbourg 2012]

No, there is no end to the glory of this White Shirt May!

As blogged earlier today by La Cieca, ArteLiveWeb is at it again and is currently streaming Vivaldi’s “Farnace”, with much of last year’s touring cast: Max Emanuel Cencic as Farnace, foremost, then Ruxandra Donose as his wife Tamiri, who looks like Xena heading off to visit Lao Ma, all cloak and dagger, which then would make Mary-Ellen Nesi’s deliciously evil Berenice Alti Reloaded.

[Ruxandra Donose (Tamiri) already has the Warrior Princess Kneel pat down. Why dagger, why no chakram?)]

[Berenice is not amused, and Mary-Ellen Nesi gets to be all badass. Someone get the popcorn!]

Also aboard: my tenor boy crush Daniel Behle as Roman ruler Pompeo *swoon*, and, defending the White Shirt Honor, Viviva Genaux as Commander Gilade, and I am so not complaining about leather, metal and bare shoulders and I don’t even have to work here to add in a Xena refrence, that opera fanfic is writing itself (see above).

A rather dashing George Petrou conducts the Lucinda Childs (=dancers galore scattered throughout) production, with Vivaldi shaking its booty and bouncing on its heels.

And since ArteLiveWeb is the best invention since sliced bread, it is not geoblocked and online for 180 days more, if the counter below the video can be trusted. Treat yourself to an early summer festival start here.

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