Video Alert: Kasarova in Helsinki

When the Fins do it, they do it right: Kasarova’s Helsinki concert with the Helsinki Baroque orchestra (the program is currently touring, including Händelfestspiele Halle alst Sunday and Frauenkriche Dresden this upcoming Saturday) is still available as on online stream for all those who missed the livestream on Wednesday or would like to repeat the experience.

Thank you, Helsinki!

The program includes Kasarova singing the once-Handel-attributed, now recognized as Ferrandini “Pianto di Maria”, a half-hour celebration of Baroque chamber cantata expression. Please let there be tons more and please let Kasarova add them all to her repertory.

Then there’s “Con ali di constanza” from Ariodante and “Verdi prati” from Alcina and some excerpts from Il trionfo del tempo e del disinganno.

Also, I once used to be in love with a girl who looked just like the conductor, with the exact same haircut (cut me some slack – it was the 90s…) and just about the same tie. She was straight unless drunk, though. Ah, memories…

And apropos Handel: I’m woefully behind on the press, but this morning, I finally read the interview in the ZEIT 21/12, p.59, with Laurence Cummings on being appointed as the new chief conductor of the Händelfestspiele Göttingen (in Germany alone, we have three – Halle, Göttingen and Karlsruhe), titled “Handel understands me”.

Amongst a great Leda anectode (involving police force protesting a gallery’s window exhibit of a swan and a woman) and expressing his wish to dine with Handel, he describes Handel’s influence like this: “Handel understands me, no matter the situation I’m in. Whether one is dealing with epic drama of the soul or simply sits down for a cup of coffee, he immediately gets to the emotional core, the ‘human spirit’. That’s how he turns people into groupies.”

Well, that, and mezzos with bare shoulders (Malena Ernman just wrapped up a concert version of Idomeneo in Malmö, btw – Sweden, why can’t you stream your stuff like Finland does?):

20 thoughts on “Video Alert: Kasarova in Helsinki”

  1. Hey Anik! Now I’ve gotta go look up that interview (what versatile shape-shifter Zeus was, ay?)! 😀 Wouldn’t it be grand if Kasarova makes a CD of Baroque cantatas? (a CD with her singing Pianta di Maria and Haydn’s Arianna a Naxo would really get permanently stuck in my stereo!) Maybe we should start a petition to the effect… and send it to RCA Red Seal. 😉


  2. Ferrandini left such an impression on me that i went searching for more info… to find out actually this was my first attempt to “crack” Handel. Way back in my WS-infancy 3 yrs ago, i read many things both here and over at Purity’s on Handel whom i knew nothing about. So my first attempt turned out to be this piece (which is as you said here, erroneously attributed to Handel) and it made absolutely no impression on me. I even ran it round the clock in the background while working, typically an attempt to “get” something which i might miss in new music, but finally concluded: Handel, meh, i don’t get it…
    So, it turns out you need the proper interpreters! still listening, now with a screen shot here to look at too. What i also really enjoyed seeing is her reactions to the orchestra sound (in particular, at precisely 10.31-10.34). Has she toured before with such a small baroque orchestra? Fabio Biondi and his band too down the line? 🙂


    1. I rembered that some years ago she sang Vivaldi Stabat Mater and Nisi Dominus with Ensemble 415 and Chiara Bianchini


  3. Where’s the link, Anik? I desperate moused over every single character in your text (please consider highlighting links in some way, *please*!), but I can’t find a link to the Fins. Pretty please – I need me some Kasarova.


    1. @A2H: sorry, in between the pretty pictures and the general excitement, I forgot to include the links! (usually, links are in a lighter color).

      @Hanna: I’ve been using those same links from Germany and had no trouble accessing the videos multiple times. a benevolent glitch, perhaps?


    1. Oh NO!, I’m so sorry!!! I doublechecked the links now, and – NO courtesy of Finnish National radio/TV! – the viewing licence seems only to cover Finland! I apologise!!! 😦


  4. Thank you sooo much! The first 30 seconds of the 1st vid already made my day — Kasarova’s beaming, slightly silly smile before she starts to sing. 😉
    @Hanna: It works perfectly in Canada. Please thank your national TV for being so gracious and sharing great music with us. And for a whopping whole month!!
    @Anik: I can understand your excitement! 🙂 I also see now that the links are in a slightly different formatting; if it weren’t for the “http://” I think I still wouldn’t have noticed them. But don’t worry, I’ll find them if I want to. 😉


    1. “The first 30 seconds of the 1st vid already made my day — Kasarova’s beaming, slightly silly smile before she starts to sing.”
      Actually in the radio broadcast you can hear a phone ringing, that’s what she was reacting to :-).


  5. I am not sure this is the perfect place to post this video alert for today but VK will appear on German tv tonight ( show starts at 9:45 p.m. CEST ) and on Sunday morning ( 9:35 a.m. CEST )

    A *strange* mix but I thought it might be of some interest.


    1. Bergerchef! Thank you for the reminder; you are right, that is an ODD mix (Claudia Jung and VK??!!), but Böttinger just might make it work, she has a talent for such conbinations.


        1. because of the combination of guests: nex tto VK, a humorist, a singer of schmaltzy German pop, a cop/writer, a sports commenter/writer and the veep of the Greman Far Left. The mderator has a knack for making these clashes work, though. And the cop/writer blog that you and SMorgy dug up has a very nice quote on how VK was the most amenable, gentle and impressive presence of the bunch.


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