Radio Alert: Graham “celebrates womanhood” on BBC3

[Susan Graham as Handel’s “Ariodante”, San Francisco 2008. – Photo Credit: Terrence McCarthy via the San Francisco Sentinel]

No, Graham isn’t celegrating women as Ariodante tonight (that would be a nice idea too, though), but you know me, I’ll post a White Shirt image whenever I can.

What is happening tonight, however, is BBC3 broadcasting the Susan Graham Song Recital live from Wigmore Hall, starting 8.30 p.m. (GMT+1). After a first look at the program I found it a wild mix wiht a lot of Mignon songs, but BBC3 has the intel and states that

“From Purcell to Porter, Susan Graham celebrates womanhood in an extraordinary range of song spanning some 400 years. Great works by Schubert, Schumann, Wolf and Berlioz are combined with music from the twentieth century by Cole Porter, Joseph Horovitz, and the composer Ben Moore’s operatic parody “Sexy Lady”.”

If you aren’t familiar with Graham as a songstress, do yourself the favor and immediately look up her Reynaldo Hahn album; Graham may very well be the finest singer in French song repertory at the moment. There’s a bit of French around tonight, too but also some English and German and Russian, including a great Purcell piece (The Blessed Virgin’s Expostulation) that, strangely enough, doesn’t get much repertory spotlight these days.

Full program listing:

PURCELL: Tell me, some pitying angel (aka “The Blessed Virgin’s Expostulation”)
BERLIOZ: La Mort d’Ophélie
SCHUBERT: Heiss mich nicht reden, Op.62 no.2
SCHUMANN: So lasst mich scheinen, bis ich werde, Op.98a, no.9
LISZT: Kennst du das Land
TCHAIKOVSKY: None but the lonely hear
DUPARC: Romance de Mignon
WOLF: Kennst Du das Land
HOROVITZ: Lady Macbeth
POULENC: Fiançailles pour rire
MESSAGER: J’ai deux amants
PORTER: The Physician
DUKE: Ages Ago (arr. Roger Vignoles)
MOORE: Sexy Lady

So… feel like kicking off your weekend with a mezzo soprano presenting a woman-centered song program (Malcolm Martineau accompanies), which apparently includes references to the appeal of female opera singers?

Count me in.

8 thoughts on “Radio Alert: Graham “celebrates womanhood” on BBC3”

  1. Thank you! I was last Saturday at her recital in Paris and thought what a pity that it is not recorded! Graham makes me believe that perfection exists. By the way, the song Sexy Lady was composed for her and is about trouser roles a mezzo plays. I hope that Wigmore hall will release a cd because they have their own collection.


    1. “Sexy Lady” was hilarious! thank you for the inside information. I’d definitely stand in line for the CD. Her sense of French style is so good that sometimes she reminds me of Claire Croiza.


  2. I was at the recital in Paris too. It was wonderful. I went to see Hippolyte the next night. Sarah Connolly as Phedre. What a weekend!


    1. that sounds like a fantastic weekend indeed. Two of the best mezzos around in the span of two days? *swoon*


      1. and on Tuesday evening Joyce Di Donato was also in recital Not mentionning Cecilia Bartoli presenting Sacrificium in Versailles the next day


        1. *dies*
          I always knew there was a reason why Paris is called the city of love. And it extends to the mezzos!


    1. thanks, Schrati!
      It’s days ike these that I miss having a TV or a DVR… I hold no hopes for the Mediathek, but who knows? Also, there might be an interested YouTuber watching. 😉


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