White Shirt Monday: Mezzos with roses and whiskers on kittens sopranos that are smitten

[Definitely one of my favorite things: Stella Doufexis (Octavian) bearing gifts to Sophie (Brigitte Geller) in Andreas Homoki’s reading of Strauss’s “Der Rosenkavalier”, Berlin/Komische Oper 2006. – Photo Credit: the one and only Monika Rittershaus]

Also, everytime I see photos from this prodcution, I want to vote for switching the silver uniform of Octavian to black, with this precise white-lined collar. Dashing doesn’t even begin to cover it.

For everyone who wants to see it (and Doufexsi) in action: this production is carrying on, while Homoki is leaving for Zurich. Dates for next season are January and February 2013, details can be found here at the new website of Komische Oper Berlin, which seems to have done away with production photos and video trailers for now. I do not approve!

12 thoughts on “White Shirt Monday: Mezzos with roses and whiskers on kittens sopranos that are smitten”

    1. that one I didn’t know yet! Points for the tank top – now if only Carmen would throw that rose at Mercèdès and not at José… (Micaela would also be an idea. Although Micaela might faint!)


  1. Hi Anik,
    have you noticed the Xerxes (Sexrex 😉 ) production of the Komische Oper in Berlin? Also with Stelle Doufexis as Xerxes. It has been absolutely one of the best pieces I have seen. I seriously wonder why there is not a lesbian fanbase drooling over the main characters/singers and waiting at the stage entrance whenever after performances like that…

    also: hello world (again)



    1. Sexrex! 😀
      The Berlin production was in WSM when it came out, but featuring Gumos, noch Doufexis – the lesbian fanbase may be discreet, or is simply more scattered and convenes online? They are quite visible during performances, but may not be the stage entrance crowd (me neither).
      Then there’s the fact that traditionally, opera doesn’t get viewed as something lesbian (whereas it is heavily perceived within a framework of gay male opera queendom), so a little dyke building their queer identity probably wouldn’t even know how much there is in opera to draw from.


      1. And she was in Rosenkavalier in Amsterdam, or so it seems. That looked like good production and THIS IS promising!


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