The Bald and The Beautiful

The Decca PR department is staging the release of Bartoli’s latest album as a treasure hunt – a little wacky, a little ham-handed, but at least they’re trying.

Also: Bartoli. In a black frock. They had me at Bartoli.

You can join the hunt if you use either Twitter or Facebook (I use neither nor) or can hack them.

I have mixed feelings about the restrictive social media tie-in, but I have very clear feelings on a new Indianatoli Jones music excavation, that could be summed up with “utter, gleeful delight and curiosity”. And as an alternative cover – like this, no Bartoli-loving vampire will be able to look at it, which is a clear violation of the EU anti-discrimination guidelines – I suggest Bartoli in a Fedora and leather jacket. Whip otional.

2 thoughts on “The Bald and The Beautiful”

  1. Though I am on Twitter and FB agree with you the socmedia pr stunt is a bit forced, trouble is a lot of these pr people still don’t get that the point of socmedia is to *reduce* barriers to participation not increase them! But hey they are experimenting and it’s Ceci so who cares 🙂


  2. Far more interesting than the conventionally glamourous diva’s cd covers but cannot figure out the relation with Liaisons Dangereuses


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