From The Writing Desk: back to Friday Nights – a first teaser

Yesterday, the Eye Bags statcounter reached the 666,666 hits mark.

First of all: Wow. Thank you for your continued visits! (also: yes, this calls for another Search Term Post, but I will have to postpone it until August)

Also, this means that I have a promise to keep: Friday Fiction Nights are back, and the new story – that now FINALLY has a title – is just around the corner. Ask Rykoe, the Graphics Artist for this story, about the discarded alternatives sometime… (yes, you were right, “Songbird” didn’t work, but it had a ring to it! Or whould I say ‘a twitter’?).

Since I won’t manage to finish the detailed storyboard until August, the lovely Rykoe – who volunteered to do not just the title graphic, but also a few additional visuals – had the idea to start building towards the first chapter with Friday Night teasers.

[Title, Teaser and perhaps some Spoiler Vibes after the cut]

After the decade-old (it really has been a decade since I first had the idea for this story!) working title “Resistant Ladies” didn’t fit any longer — or rather: since my English has improved sufficiently over the past decade to realize that this title never fit at all, neither in itself nor the story —  I went on a search (Rykoe at the other end of the email channel had to listen to a lot of suggestions) and after we discarded “Songbird” and “The Kiss at Dawn” (you can’t use anything involving ‘dawn’ these days without immediately inviting some fangs fiction, anyway) and cursed Bacall and Bogey for having used “Dark Passage” already, we managed to sort things out: I decided on a title, and Rykoe started staging it. [also, I kind of promised Rykoe a starship captain for her work, so if anyone out there wears four pips and no ring on their finger, give the woman a call, or a communicator chirp!]

So the image below is, in a nutshell, what you can look forward to in August, and in the months beyond.

[tbc next week]

8 thoughts on “From The Writing Desk: back to Friday Nights – a first teaser”

  1. yippee!! I will be driving across the US and Canada for 2 of those August Friday nights…what a wonderful way to wind down during a road trip. I cannot wait! Er, um, to see my family of course 😉


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