From The Writing Desk: Friday Night Teaser

Another Friday night, meaning that I have four more days to make my various July non-fiction deadlines. Never has the name of this blog been more aptly chosen.

But as always under extreme work-related stress (fellow ivory tower bellhops will share my amazement at how easy it is to be swamped with work for which you do not get paid or recognized at all, but which you still have to accept to stay “in the tower”), my brain is prone to take fiction hikes, meaning that the detailed storyboard for “Troubled Passage” is shaping up nicely. Contraband cigarettes! Stocking seams! Lipstick smears on Bordeaux glasses!

[new teaser after the cut]


[story artwork by Rykoe, click to enlarge]

I still don’t know when exactly I’ll be able to start posting, only that it will be in August, with the customary weekly updates on Friday nights.

And while I am finally getting to write this story, after carrying it around with me for a decade, I sat down to meet one of my non-fiction deadlines last night to find two plot bunnies blocking the access to my keyboard and giving me the eye. They introduced themselves as Bering & Wells and when I said “oh no, no time whatsoever!” they muttered something about having the original Duracell Bunny on their shelves, and about time being a relative thing, and that I would have no idea, or else.

Meanwhile, as of Wednesday, I will be working on a first “verbal” teaser for “Troubled Passage” (or, more truthfully, I will finally write down some of the scenes that insist on playing themselves out in repeat mode all across my brain). Rykoe said she’d wrap it with a graphical bow…

[to be continued next Friday]

17 thoughts on “From The Writing Desk: Friday Night Teaser”

    1. careful with those nails, Sam! – and there are no more puchos available, my characters will smoke them all 😉


  1. Wondering if you will continue watching WH13…?
    I love these teasers and I’m very much looking forward to August now 😉
    Have a great weekend and tell Bering & Wells to send you some extra duracell to outlast your eyebags!


    1. somehow I doubt there will be more to see of HG this season, but as long as they don’t mess with the relationship, I will onboard (and face the bunnies). Although my predominant fictional concern at the moment are two ladies in 1940s France… 😉


      1. i’d agree, with the only caveat being that i wonder if hg is one of the few who can figure out what artie did, and figure out how to reconvert what’shername from being the big baddie this season…. because she’s fairly genius as well as on top of all sorts of time travel machinations, isn’t she?


      2. That is what I would expect for this season, if Murray wasn’t on that other show! I can also see HG figuring it out (cue plot bunnies…), but what stops me from wishing formore screentime for her is that they would probably have to tune down the obvious “unspoken maintext”, since the way things are now, they aren’t even readable in a non-queer manner any longer and much as I hate to admit it, even with outspoken support from the actresses and part of the producing team, I doubt the show can afford to go there and scare off the het fangirls and much as I hate to say it, ueer girls are no deciding demographic, especially if it comes to the female lead character.
        Generally, and this is if they are nice to us or respect the queer dollar at least,shows tend to these keep things in a balance to feed as many ships as possible and shy away from declarations. And what HG/Myka got in declarations already, both inside and out of the diegetic horizon, is far more than we could have hoped for, IMHO. So far, the show has done a great job of making Myka/HG canon – I cannot even call it subtle because it isn’t – without token maintext narrative. And honestly, I don’t need more (which is not to say that it wouldn’t be wonderful, but I just don’t see it happening), as long as they don’t mess with what they have achieved so far, which is a thing of beauty and has created amazing fanwork.
        I have shipped a lot of subtext couples over the years, often against heavy maintext odds – this may be the first instance where I don’t have to make things up or write around the maintext and that is quite a wonderful feeling all by itself.


  2. officially drunk on anticipation, in one hand a snifter of J7, in the other a shot glass of Bering & Wells. or, is it the other way round? go Anik!


  3. Anik, I meant to say the artwork by Rykoe is amazing! I was expecting to see just one cool piece, but now it appears there’s whole series? Pls pass on the admiration.


    1. I think she is reading along, but I’ll make sure to tell her when she sends over the next teaser! Which reminds me that she also send me some Campus-inspired manips I need to post at the Writing Desk… 😉


  4. Helloooooooooo 😀

    How is everyone going?

    Am I right? Is there another fanfiction coming?

    I hope so! The FNC’s readers need to be back again!! I miss those moments.

    Now, bed!

    Lots of hugs from Brazil



  5. Me, again!!

    One more comment: it’s really important that you, Anik, bring back FNC.

    I haven’t posted in your blog since long, that I forgot my ID and password. I had to login all over again… 😀

    Now, bed. Finally !


    PS. Is it going to start this Friday??



    1. Selma! NewGeorgieGirl! great to see you all again!
      This Friday there will be something, as will happen every Friday in relation to this story from now on, but I don’t yet whether it will be the first chapter already… in any case, in one of the upcoming August weeks.


  6. Oooh lala. WH13? Yes please. As for Janeway/ Seven, hm. I am a Torres/ Seven shipper myself.

    In any case, when will be the sequel to Lemon Cheese Cake? I must see Bree redecorating the Italian Villa amidst breathtaking orgasms and Goddess worship.


    1. that IS odd, I didn’t change anything!
      In fact, I just rechecked my settings and it still says “allow all comments”; there is no login option even mentioned! Sorry about the trouble. I’ll look into it and try to fix it. Thanks for alerting me.

      As for the fiction offerings, of course to each their own! (I can see the appeal of T/7, but as long as there is a J, it will always beJ/7 for me) 😉 Some more Lemon Cheese Cake, hmm… must check schedules of M. Bellucci! *G*


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