From the Writing Desk: The Bering & Wells Late Night Feature (instructions)

This feature is owed to a pair of plot bunnies with a grappler gun who showed up at my brain door in a time of extreme deadline stress and refused to leave again.

It’s fan fiction (consider yourself warned at this point) for Warehouse 13. And I am not writing it because this show’s subtext needs fixing – it would be quite  a challenge to try and make these characters appear any more in love than they already are -, but because its elegant and effortless maintext is a thing of beauty and I simply couldn’t resist. Strong female leads in sci-fi (Bechdel test passd with flying colors) should be celebrated either way, or at least that is my excuse and has been my belief since my t(ng)eenage  days.

Some basic knowledge of the show (pointers for a 101 included in the disclaimers of chapter #1) would be helpful, but is not strictly necessary to follow the story.

That said, I don’t want to clot the inboxes of the regular Geschwitz subscribers with obscure steampunk (eventually, emphasis on steam) nerd sci-fiction romance, so these entries will be flying under the radar (i.e. they will be password protected), so that nobody finds love scenes they haven’t asked for in their inbox over breakfast coffee and then sues me over their ruined keyboard.

Whether you follow the show or not, clearance level is equally easy to gain by solving the following little puzzle (if you don’t like puzzles, just go to the “password trouble?” page linked in the right sidebar to have the password spelled out):

To access this particular artifact, you need to be on a first-name basis with HG Welsh Wells’ first time-travelling character.

Clarifying after having received puzzled emails: HG Wells as in “the author”, and not the show’s character or time-traveling on the show. Additional hints (just enter them into a search machine together with “HG Wells”): Llyddwdd, 1888.

In case of further questions, feel free to drop me a line at aniklachev [at] gmail [dot] com.

14 thoughts on “From the Writing Desk: The Bering & Wells Late Night Feature (instructions)”

  1. I’m entering the password as said in the next post, but …. no change 😥 What can I do? *desperate-porteña-lady*


  2. Can I have the password, please? Or rather, may I? My brain ran away with the dish and the spoon, so I am really not being able to form thoughts at the moment, though there was something about the cow jumping over the moon in there somewhere.

    Wanders off to follow the trail of breadcrumbs. I will send you an email, Anik.


  3. Anik, I ALWAYS need a new TV show with subtext (and of course I will then always read the appropriate femslash). I’ve heard of ‘Warehouse 13’ before but it seemed like a cheesy, kids version of ‘X-Files’ meets ‘Friday the 13th.’ The reviews on imdb are also quite mixed, with even die-hard fans warning of certain eps. Can you give advice to the novice (= me) which episode/season to start with? I’m fully admitting that I didn’t care much for Xena either — until the famous “Bathtub ep.” That one made me a nutball Xenite. 😉


    1. no bathtubs in the warehouse so far… I guess it depends on the mindset of the watcher, the old eye-of-the-beholder thing. Subtext episodes: 2×07, 3×11/12. if you don’t watch anything else, watch these. Also: 3×05, and there are relevant subtext sequences in both 3×01 and 4×01


      1. Oh! I just watched 2×07 — and am hooked!!! Thank you so much! THE BEST subtext! And Jaime Murray is just gorgeous; so gorgeous she even manages to distract me from Joanne Kelly’s funky upper lip. (Sounds totally superficial, I admit, but her lip was so distracting that I had a hard time following the plot.) I also simply love the premise of H.G.Wells being a woman. Brilliant! I’ll watch the whole show now.

        Big question: should I wait reading your story until I’ve caught up; iow: When could I read it without getting spoiled?
        Again, thanks so much, Anik. I totally would’ve missed this show without you, and the first ep you recommended was simply perfect to reel me in. 🙂


        1. you’re most welcome, A2H!
          (will I now be issued a steampunky warehouse toaster oven? 😉 )

          If you’re planning on marathoning the show, I’d wait with reading the story until you’ve caught up. It’s packed with all kinds of spoilers, plus you’ll be getting more out of it if you know the show and can place all the little references.


  4. Apparently somebody put a limit to reply-levels (ahem…), so I have to start anew: ANIK!! (thought I had to yell a bit louder for you to hear me) The toaster oven page was freaking me out a bit with all those animated gifs, but I get it. Oh, and I am soooo hooked! Great original writing! My partner and I have decided to finally bid farewell to the farce (and insults) that’s Rizzoli & Isles, so this new show is most welcomed in our home. And Bering’s ‘subconscious men-slugging’ in ep 3 just did it to totally win me over. LOVE it! Don’t you dare take that fanfiction away, though; I’ll get to it sooner or later. (Btw, did I mention I’m an editor? 😉 )


    1. Glad to know you’re enjoying the show! As a recent convert, I share the sentiment 🙂
      Don’t worry about the story, the only thing going offline were the publishabel novels. This one will remain here and after it’s finished, I’ll upload it over at the Writing Desk in bigger chunks, too next to all the other work, for you to snag, bag and tag.


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