White Shirt Monday: Cavalier Anime

[Julie Robard-Gendre as Lady Oscar Don Ramiro in Mozart’s “La finta giardiniera”, Aix-en-Provence 2012]

I don’t even know where to start with the pop culture references on this one – Rosenkavalier gone Goth Grunge? Anime gone Opera? Vampire White Shirt Collars? Mezzos in white shirts are clearly adaptable to a multitude of contexts.

The entire production (with Ramiro and Arminda either falling into bed or killing each other, I couldn’t quite make up my mind) is still available via ArteLiveWeb, hopefully not geoblocked – if there are issues, ask in the comments, the readers of this blog will probably be able to sort it out (again).


4 thoughts on “White Shirt Monday: Cavalier Anime”

  1. Ack, geoblocked indeed for California. 😦 But at least I still have the fascinating screenshot to look at. Thanks, Anik! 🙂


    1. darn, I’m really sorry about that, Ms. President – I could log in form Spain without trouble and sometime,s it seems to work also from the US – perhaps the French version, like last week, or simply by going thoruhg the general hompage and then the “Klassik” section?


  2. As you note, Arte LiveWeb has recently been displaying geoblock messages when the real explanation appears to be broken links. Of four links I’ve found to the Nozze, the one from the general homepage (DE) works for me reliably, while others warn me off. Text links seem to work better than image links. In any case, it can be rewarding to try all the doors. (This from the US.)


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