White Shirt Monday: Too Darn Hot

[Guns, tank tops, can pull off coveralls: There are serious reasons why Swedish mezzo run the business. Exhibit A: Anne Sofie von Otter as Cornelia in Handel’s “Giulio Cesare inEgitto” (also, Philippe Jaroussky as Sesto), Salzburg 2012. –  Photo Credit: the one and only Monika Rittershaus]

It’s about 100°F outside, which means even I cannot be bothered with shirtsleeves today, so it’s White Tank Top Monday instead. Although considerig the combination of Swedish mezzo + tank top + weaponry probabyl doesn’t really help to with the temperature. Uhm. Sorry about that? Not much.

And if this Monday isn’t gentle enough on you, take a coffee break over von Otter and Jaroussky singing “Son nata a lagrimar”. If this doesn’t fulfill the old addage of “Music for a while / shall all your cares beguile”, I am not sure what will.

On another note, I know that there is a little less opera conversation and a little more writing action happening on the blog these days – there will be more opera again as the new season is coming closer. At the moment, I simply have a severe case of escapist writing bug (perfect to counteract postdoctoral plights) and am for once allowing myself to go with the flow.

15 thoughts on “White Shirt Monday: Too Darn Hot”

  1. Die bitteren Tränen der Rosa Krebb, in which she duels with von Otter’s M and finds her legendary self-control difficult to sustain? Including the opulent party scene where she duets with von Otter in Son nata a lagrimar (cameo by Emmanuelle Haïm at the keyboard)?


      1. Ok does anyone know of a composer ?! Eyes ?? We’d make a fortune! I think we’d have to stick Daniel Craig in somewhere just for some broader appeal ? Or maybe not …


  2. Daniel Craig as the beard, perhaps, or as the mistaken assumption, prompting Rosa’s big Gershwin-inspired number, Can’t Help Loathing That Man of Hers.


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