Bering & Wells Late Night Feature: For Password, see right-hand side bar

Dear visitors who are interested in my Bering & Wells Late Night Feature: The access code is on the password page linked to from the Writing Desk, right in the first paragraphs. The Writing Desk is accessible via the top menu.

After a look at my blog statistics (lots of frustrated jamming of chapter 1 – sorry about that, I thought the button was visible with all kinds of access, including mobile), I just thought it warranted another mention.

Also, I’d like to use the chance to say thank you for stopping by and reading along.

When I started to write this story, I expected to have perhaps five readers. And since it is a little off-topic for this blog (I mainly deal in opera and hot mezzo sopranos in pants), I put the password protection in place because most of my subscribers did not sign up for lesbian fanfiction, especially the NSFW kind. Hence the passwords.

This week, access hits have gone through the roof (dear Tumblr bloggers: thank you for your recs!) and I want to make sure that everyone who is interested can read the story. After it’s finished, the story will also be filed at the “Writing Desk”.

To access all previous chapters, just use the tags “Bering & Wells” and “writing” or the “writing” category, also listed in the right-hand sidebar, to navigate.

Let me reiterate that in case of any access problems, you can use the comment section or leave me a note at aniklachev [at] web [dot] de to sort things out.

1 thought on “Bering & Wells Late Night Feature: For Password, see right-hand side bar”

  1. Dear Anik!
    You clearly underestimate your popularity as an author irrespective of what you are writing about. I have not seen a single episode of Warehouse 13 but began reading as I have enjoyed your other fiction so much. It may be I will also thank you for introducing me to W13 once I get my hands on the series……
    Thank you and keep writing!


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