White Shirt Monday: *swoon*. That’s all.

[Vesselina Kasarova as/in Gluck’s “Orphée”, Munich 2000.]

This is why tailcoats were invented.


All of it, but in particular the five minutes as of 22:25. But, really, all of it.

And there goes my Monday…

16 thoughts on “White Shirt Monday: *swoon*. That’s all.”

  1. Its 4.45 am and I was just getting ready for bed, until i acted on your suggestion, and goodbye to all my intentions. I had resolved to rationing myself to those five minutes. However those notes issuing from the basement and sprinting to the attic have my heart racing, and sleep might prove to be elusive….


    1. oh inkbrain, believe me, I know EXACTLY how you feel (as do Smorgy, and Dr T, and Eyes, and…) 😉

      I do apologize to your sleep patterns, though. My bad.


      1. That was really meant as a back-handed ‘thank you’. How to not be entranced by this incredibly handsome woman and her astonishing voice….
        No problems with sleep – I was up writing, and I’ll stop if and when and if and if my eyes ever begin to droop.


    1. oh, that sounds like me on Tumblr – just one more page of posts… just one more page… … oh, this TV show looks great, if the fandom is anything to go by… next thing I know, I’m two months late on a paper because of plot bunnies.


  2. I have the DVD so I did restrict myself to those 5 minutes… I so LOVE that aria and when she looks straight at me through the screen I can hardly look back. You’re absolutely right, that’s what tails were made for. Lovely choice of photo by the way.
    I’m going to Oslo in a couple of weeks to see and hear her live in a concert version of I Capuleti – I’m so excited! If only she would do Orpheus live on stage again that would be HEAVEN.


    1. You get to be at the Oslo concert, how fabulous!
      I’m not sure whether she has officially retired Orphée, but yes, seeing that video makes you want to invent a time-machine and travel to Munich in 2000. She is SO atop of her game there (and yes. Those tailcoats!)


    2. oslo!! we’ll have a whiteshirt rep! i thought about it too, given my last 2 officemates have moved to norway this past couple of months… but one does have to balance between atlantic and VK, *sigh*
      and now the starting of my “day” is delayed by those 5 mins… i had the ambition to be in the office by _now_… They should have given her the entire set (looooooovely shirt, tail, pants) for future concerts… can i finally say the shirt (+pants) is superior to Lacroix’ ?
      ps- when i was in munich last year, i couldn’t help imagining how it would feel those exact 5 min in the hall…
      and i better quit now before the harpsichord comes in harmony with the back line…


      1. beween the Atlantic and VK, not those are two epic choices. 😀

        Lacroix may be Lacroix, but I prefer the Orphée wardrobe any day of the week!!


        1. Lacroix… *snort* Sure, leather and biker boots are nice but big assymetrical bunches of fabric are SO done and overdone and done for. Give me a classic suit or tailcoat any day. I wonder what she’ll wear for Romeo? The white pantsuit? Sometimes singers seem to dress the part even for concert versions of operas…
          My girlfriend and I paid a ridiculous amount for flight, hotel and first-row seats… we figured Oslo was just too close to miss. We’re definitely planning on going to Zurich for the Kasarova/Stemme Rosenkavalier next summer too – what’s up with that, some kind of 10 year anniversary of the DVD staging? Does anyone have some inside information?


  3. Uh oh, clicked on it… now I’ll be stuck in front of the screen for the next few hrs (thanx technology for the ‘pause’ and ‘replay’ buttons! XD This is the Orphee trees and boulders (and white-shirters) would uproot themselves to swoon after indeed!


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