Gold Lamé Wednesday

One good reason for Biondi’s reconstruction take on Vivaldi’s “Oracolo in Messenia”?

It’s got Hallenberg, Genaux and Basso. And that’s already three reasons.

Let me amplify the third…

Romina Basso channeling Sophia Loren (Photo Credit: Virgin Classics, booklet for “L’oracolo inMessenia”, p. 25).

One houseboat to the Ionian Sea, please.

(Reasons #1 and#2 are the only ones also getting full-page visuals in the booklet, btw, in addition to Biondi. Oh, and you may recognize Franziska Gottwald from her stint in the Kerkhof Alcina in Cologne, which should be on posters, but I digress).

[Feel more like a trouser role related smile today? Look at this (warning, contains gifs. 😉 Nice mezzo-in-(presumably-)pants ones, though).]

5 thoughts on “Gold Lamé Wednesday”

      1. So good. And of course, my rather predictable and nerdy thrill that this supremely talented, highly trained, probably straight woman feels the same way about her sideburns as I do. Sideburns for all!


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