White Shirt Monday: Sink On The Road

[Joyce Johnny DiDonato meets Lacroix jumpers (and Nicole Cabell’s Giulietta) in Bellini’s “I Capuleti e i Montecchi”, San Francisco 2012. – Photo Credit: Cory Weaver/SF Opera, via operatoday]

Is anyone out there old enough to remember this, and in particular this (no gifsets, Eyes 😉 )?! Except that DiDonato has got it backwards since she already did the Pirates look in the MET “Comte Ory” (no complaints here!). That said, I think my tweens crush on Depp in 21 Jump Street is finally starting to make sense.

I didn’t know Munch senz its Boussard production of the “Capuleti” on tour, but apparently it’s been making an apearance in San Fransico this month and while I still expect to see Kasarova in that 21 Jump Suit (and that leather jacket) every single time, I have to concede points to DiDonato pulling off the outfit pretty well. Especially with that emo shawl.

[Joyce DiDonato (Romeo) and Nicole Cabell (Giulietta), San Francisco 2012. – Photo Credit: San Francisco Opera – Also, this looks like another Xena ep to me. I swear I’ve seen this before, and it involved a chakram and Gabrielle dancing and and quite possibly Cleopatra.]

And since it is Monday, let us dwell for a moment on the shirtsleeves:

[What unties quicker in the Lacroix universe: a bowtie or a corset?! – Joyce DiDonato (Romeo) and Nicole Cabell (Giulietta), San Francisco 2012. – Photo Credit: San Francisco Opera.]

More images and White Shirtery here at the San Francisco Opera website.

3 thoughts on “White Shirt Monday: Sink On The Road”

  1. Now I feel incredibly guilty depriving the younger set their gifs!
    I’m fascinated by the variation to the Romeo wardrobe from production to production. In the VK publicity shots (for the performance she missed because of illness) she wore the waistcoat. Joyce has the waistcoat. Kaiser has the waistcoat. Yet the VK performances which were videoed earlier this year – no waistcoat, just the fabulous Lacroix shirt. Do you think the video producers heard us?


    1. Or perhapsVK simply has great taste when it comes to showcasing white shirts?
      Good point either way…

      (and there were no gifsets planned, at all, but with all my recent links, I thought I should add a comment…)


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