White Shirt Monday: “Was kann der Sigismund dafür…”

[Even if you schlumpp around the entire first act in a nightshirt and wool socks: If you can sing Rossini like Daniela Barcellona, it might just land you Olga Peretyatko. – Daniela Barcellona (Sigismondo) and Olga Peretyatko (Aldimira) in Rossini’s little-known “Sigismondo”, Pesaro 2010.]

Hands up, how many of us have been at weddings of friends, whether legally valid or not, that came with snapshots exactly like the one above (down to the pearl earrings and the hairdresser having misunderstood what butch chic acutally means) from the the moment in front of the justice of peace, or minister, or registrar? I can name at least two. Including photos like this one (with the remnants of a few too enthusiastic rounds of “Musical Chairs”):

Luckily, there is a DVD of this Pesaro production, and it has some Rossini singing that will simply rock your socks off. – Other than that, I hope to be able to attend many more weddings with snapshots like these, and I hope that all of them will be legally recognized. It may not happen tomorrow, but tomorrow might have a say in that (and in my postdoc options). Qué sera?

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