On A Queer Day

So, to summarize yesterday:

  • The US still have a President who supports marriage and gender equality (and its first out senator!).
  • Us ignorant Euopeans can mix up Washington, D.C. and Washington again, since they have one more thing in common now.
  • Minnesota refuses to be narrowed down (and, on the keyword of “Minne”, Brangäne and Isolde might be looking at a vacation home up there)
  • Maryland acquired a gender-neutral second ‘r’.
  • Swan Queen can officially get hitched in Storybrooke.

  • Also, as an European addendum: the French government put gender-neutral marriage laws on the agenda today; parlamental hearings to start in January 2013. It’s not perfect (especially for rainbow families), but it’s a start, evidenced by the fact that Catholic officials are already predicting the doom of civilization. I would recommend them to take a look South to Spain, where seven years of marriage equality have not led to a return of the Pleistocene.
  • Also yesterday, Spain’s Constitutional Court, after seven years, finally declared the Spanish gender-neutral marriage law as irrevocably constitutional, rebutting a 2005 complaint from the Conservative Party.


Full of bright hope?

Dizzying and, somehow, just so, so swoon-worthy? (also, let me work in that leather coat at this point).

If that isn’t some Fassbaender Rosenkavalier down to a “t”, I don’t know what is.

8 thoughts on “On A Queer Day”

  1. I agree wholeheartedly!
    This wonderful duet is what shows me that perception is not merely in the eyes of the beholder. The chemistry is there, and Fassbaender owns it.
    And those amazing notes they carry together as a single voice….
    Dreamy? Don’t wake me up!


  2. I apologise for getting into politics here….We are all breathing huge sighs of relief. I started yesterday in a very unhopeful mood, having stayed up all night the night before. The conservative agenda in this country was off the charts, and there was – and perhaps still is – a lot to be afraid of, but I get the sense that the tide may be turning for us.
    Around 11p.m last night there was suddenly a flash of light when it became apparent which way the votes were trending. Who would have thought that Florida’s 29 electoral votes would become irrelevant? Who would have thought that Virginia – of all states would have swung blue!
    I think we are on an irreversible trajectory here. It will take time, but its going to happen.


  3. Aptly summarized, Anik. I love the way you put things. 😉 Like theinkbrain there I wasn’t very hopeful yesterday, especially since Romney had an early lead (I kept seeing/hearing one of the Mormon apostles repeating Joe Smith’s ‘stones that roll out to fill the whole world’ mantra when I turned on the tv to see that dude on the air. It quite unsettled my stomach, especially considering that ‘we/Americans’ actually voted W in for a 2nd term not that many years ago… so I was afraid to expect too much). Whew!!

    And now we get to celebrate with an ideal pair of Octavian and Sophie! Thanks for the treat, maite. 😀


  4. We were on tenderhooks all last night up in Vancouver, Canada too. Our political climate tends to be heavily influenced by the U.S. being so close, and my wife grew up in Minnesota, so there were multiple reasons to be glued to the computer screen, (along with our fair share of agonizing over Florida’s flip-flopping).

    The video is beautiful! Thanks for posting all the links you do! Rediscovering your blog has set me on a YouTube spiral from which I may never recover.


  5. usually, I try not to get into politics on here (at least not directly), least of all in a country not even my own, but I was so invested in this one, and it is so important for so many important people in my life, so I couldn’t help it. Besides, there’s Fassbaender. You never need an excuse to post some Fassbaender, right (and to send poor Edward on another YT spree… :-P)

    Virginia blew my mind, too.


      1. thanks! And an interesting channel in general, featuring A LOT of recent uploads!
        Claire Watson Contessa! The incoronazione with Alice Coote as Nerone! The Gardiner Così! Cesare with Janet Baker! Damnation with Kasarova!
        There goes my day…


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