White Shirt Monday: Ursleeve

[Alice Coote – …*coherent speech is out to lunch, please enjoy this neckline meanwhile*… – Photo Credit: Ben Ealovega via TheArtsDesk; photo seen at tornamiadir]

Yes, I know, “Urlicht” is Mahler 2nd, not “Lied von der Erde”, and there aren’t any shirtsleeves around on the photo, either, but can you blame me for mixiing up my refrences when looking at that photo? (the only appropriate “Lied von der Erde” reference here might  be the end of No. 4 – although I hope to remember to take offense at the misogynist POV)

Apparently, Nobember is Alice Coote Month on Eye Bags. I’m perfectly fine with that. Nothing like November and Mahler and that voice in a threesome combination. I might mentally fling myself off a roof later, but the soundtrack would be sublime.

If you have a minute, read the accompanying Mahler review over at TheArtsDesk. Coote even sounds good by descriptive proxy! And for the next live chance, tune in on Thursday for the Britten Birthday Concert from Wigmore Hall on BBC3, starting at 8.30 p.m .(GMT+1). “When I am laid” (in earth, of course), and, not entirely unrelated to this horribly bad pun, arias from “Alcina”.

– In case you already have a date with a t(of)urkey on Thursday: the concert should be available on demand for a week.

9 thoughts on “White Shirt Monday: Ursleeve”

  1. That is just wrong! Surely a law against this sort of HAWTNESS is either already on the books or should be placed in such forthwith. Damn!


    1. heh.
      don’t blame me, blame Alice Coote. – Also, that’s possibly my favorite Janeway outfit EVER (well, with the exception of “Macrocosm”. For obvious and shallow reasons).


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