White Shirt Monday: Sesto Reloaded

[La ci darem la mano? – Barbara Frittoli (Vitellia) and Elīna Garanča (Sesto) in Mozart’s “La clemenza di Tito”, New York/MET 2012.]

I’m sorry I’m repeating myself.

Well, not really.

Does anyone mind more White Shirt Garanča?

… me neither.

6 thoughts on “White Shirt Monday: Sesto Reloaded”

  1. You neither are nor should be sorry. Least of all for the excellent shot selection. Went to this last Thursday and with the ladies above, Kate Lindsey and Lucy Crowe there was a rather disturbing surplus of girl goodness. Garanca’s is one of the great voices before the public today and she was the undisputed star of the show (she cancelled tonight – phew – just made it) but the other ladies were also excellent. Frittoli in particular was having a very good night and looked, as we can see above – heehee – offensively luscious.


    1. probably my favorite shot of the entire series, although I had only two clips to work with. A meager meal in comparison to seeng it in its entirety, and live to boot! I particularly would have loved to hear Frittoli, I couldn’t make up my mind about her after the video.

      Vocally, I found Garanca in stunning shape; I’ve liked other of her Sesto protrayals (even Vienna, minus the wig) better acting-wise, but then again, I wouldn’t exactly blame that one on her.


  2. Frittoli’s basic tone remains quite rich and lovely most of the time and on this night her high range was only occasionally a little bit constricted and the problematic vibrato under control throughout.

    Garanca wasn’t exactly munching on the scenery (is Sesto supposed to munch on the scenery?) but there was certainly more to her performance than merely stunning vocalism.


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