Good Fortune for 2013!

Bring more tuna.

That’s all.

And be prepared to never listen to Orff’s “O fortuna” the same way.

May 2013 be filled with song and joy for you all, and with plenty of mezzos in white shirts. And contraltos. And sopranos.



8 thoughts on “Good Fortune for 2013!”

  1. Oh very good! So clever. Much work must have gone into this. Thank you for sharing the laughter 🙂

    Wishing you and everyone a peaceful and healthy year ahead.


  2. Are those not the actual words ?? Can I just point out before there is a moral panic that cookies do NOT give you gonorrhoea ( I think?)


    1. Marvellous! Saw this before on Facebook from some of my old choral friends. Its now impossible to sing or hear it without thinking of the lyrics and laughing (which mind you, is sometimes better than the meaning of the ACTUAL lyrics). Glad to have you back, Anik, hope your move went well.


  3. Oh God! Now I’ll stupidly giggle every time I hear that song… – just like I always do with “Someone that I used to know” after they made it into “Ihr Schweine habt mich angemalt” :D.
    And may 2013 be an awesome year!


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