White Shirt Monday: One, Two, Three

[Susan Graham interviewing Elīna Garanča, Lucy Crowe and Kate Lindsey during the “La clemenza di Tito” broadcast, NewYork/MET 2012. – clip with thanks to smokebellow]

Three frequent White Shirt singers on one stage (heeello, mezzo lore!), Garanča jumping around the stage, extra shots on thigh-high boots, multiple quips about short skirts and short nails, and, most definitely, heeeello, Kate Lindsey (White Shirt photo gallery included), who is being “a very handsome man” (this is literally quoting both Susan Graham and Lucy Crowe). And overall adorable.

Nice moves, too.

(uhm, I’m sure “everything just goes a little bit lower” for the lesbian audience, as well. *cough*)

For 2013, I wish us all plenty of everything cited above. – Happy New White Shirt Year!

7 thoughts on “White Shirt Monday: One, Two, Three”

  1. And shortly (?) Garanča will be back in dresses – or robes – to sing Dido in Berlin! I hope the Berlin Deutsche Oper will stream the performance, but if not, I will rely on you to fill us in! Despite missing two performances of Les Troyens, Graham rose from her sickbed to do this 5 1/2 hr marathon at the Met. She must have had to shoot up her flu meds; what a trooper! Now, (imho) if only they would cut out the prancing around (ballet) it would make this opera so much more manageable.


  2. How special! Not one but 2 attractive ladies in pants. Kudos to whoever put this up as the Met interviews are not easy to find, but often insightful about how the singers interpret the parts. And the Met costume department really does help them along. Love the comment on “skirt envy” from Lindsay!


  3. Graham had flu during her Met run? You wouldn’t have thought so from the live in HD broadcast – she stole the entire last 2 acts.

    Julie Boulianne was awfully cute in the trouser part in that production, too.


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