“Troubled Passage”: to be continued on Friday

I apologize for the lack of a new chapter this past weekend. #22 is about half done, but I was out most of the weekend supervising a student conference and didn’t get any writing done. New chapter this coming Friday,  Feb. 1st. Thank you for your patience!

8 thoughts on ““Troubled Passage”: to be continued on Friday”

    1. thanks, Jools. Hope it will be a good birthday!

      Posts like these are, for me, about writing policy – following “Campus” e.g. was extremely difficult (though many of you stuckwith it regardless!) due to the long breaks in between chapters (though from a weiter’s POV it had the plus of being able to beta beforehand and post whole story arcs at once) and even though the folks who’ve read my things since the beginning know that I always finish what I start, I understand that the waiting is still hard on many.

      That, and time constraints in my own time spacing, were the reason to switch to a weekly posting format of shorter chapters and at a more or less fixed date (Fri/Sat) and it’s my policy to always post an alert in case there is a week where I don’t manage to update.

      Inviting readers to follow an unfinished story is asking for a lot of trust, because you emotionally invest and in the end, I don’t know if you trust me enough to *know* that I won’t let you down.

      This is also part of the reason why I post WIPs behind a cut and with password now, so that nobody simply stumbles over it and then gets frustrated over posting schedules. Once it’s finished, it’ll be available for the public at large, but while I am still writing, it’s just what I like to call “the beta audience”, who braves the WIP structure, and who forms an integral part of the creative process and helps shape the story.

      So thank you to all of you who do the weekly anticipation tour and take the time to let me know what you think!


  1. I find that waiting is always such a pleasure due to the anticipation. Plus in my case if things were rushed I had a tendency of not doing so well. Know I highly doubt that would be your problem. I wait patiently for the next chapter. No apologizes ever needed for such wonderful writing.


  2. I know that I already commented on here. But I just wanted to share something I realized just now…I have a major tendency to keep past e-mails, notes and papers that are not needed but call it what you will, I have a habit of it. Anyway I went back to when I first got my laptop and moved into my apartment, in my e-mails. I moved in on my own with my daughter in 2009. I started reading on here, this blog, in Feb. of 2010. I have never once felt ashamed, lost, or lonely when on here reading what you Anik have written or with chatting on here and reading the comments. I would like to say I have made new friends or acquaintances. And to thank you all for letting me join in on all of this.


    1. Thank you for the lovely sentiment, Cerise!
      There’s a very special happiness in seeing people visit time and again over years and you’re definitely part of the seasoned crowd.
      This place would be nothing but an empty library without your thoughts and comments and visits. I just provide the coffee, it’s all of you who turn this into a special place!


  3. Anik, I came across your site because of your masterpiece “Campus”. Once I saw that you had started another Uber J7 I knew I had to keep track of it. The rest is history. It is like being hooked on a “Soap Opera”. It’s like a drug. The best part is the anticipation. Like Cerise said no apology needed. I am only afraid of the end. Cause I know it has to end. I only hope that you will start another one after this one is over. Thanks for doing what you do best!


    1. Thanks, Raquel – as long as their is some time on the side, I’ll continue writing. I’ve got another novel outline shelved since 2005… But it also took me a decade to get started on this one, so it may not be a bad sign.


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