White Shirt Monday: an intermezzo

jbirkin by intermezzo[Jane Birkin in concert at Cadogan Hall, London 2013 – Photo Credit (and all credit): Intermezzo]

Yes, I know. Birkin isn’t a mezzo-soprano (or is she?), it’s not an opera program, and it’s – depending on the definition of what makes a “classic” – not even classial music. But…


Damn, can that woman wear a White Shirt, or what?! – Excuse me while I swoon for a minute!

I wager we’d immediately let her roam the opera stages in a variety of trouser (or not so trouser) roles with that attitude.

For a bigger sized version of the above photo, a concert report and many more stunning photos, get thee to Intermezzo’s review, whom we thank for bringing this example of A-grade whiteshirtery to our attention.

~ by Anik LaChev on February 4, 2013.

5 Responses to “White Shirt Monday: an intermezzo”

  1. One could hardly come across a better proof of durable beauty in a day’s march. I always feel a wave of incredulity wash over me whenever I see her picture. She was breathtakingly lovely when she was young, and still retains the peerless structure that gave her looks such great distinction. I believe her daughter Charlotte Gainsbourg is also a singer, and she is quite easy on the eyes as well.

    • young Birkin (much like Young Deneuve) don’t catch my eye much, I have to admit, but once they hit the 40s barrier, they made me faint and continue to do so.

  2. Same with Hardy….

  3. Gulp.

  4. Great sleeve rolling, wild and uninhibited, a bit like herself.

    Call me old fashioned though but I do think less is more when it comes to the shirt front though…

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