Black Jacket Thursday: Connolly


[Sarah Connolly as Charpentier’s “Medea”, a.s staged by David McVicar, currently running at ENO, London 2013. – Photo Credit: ENO (I couldn’t find more detaied credits on the website)/Clive Barda]

Sorry there was no White Shirt Monday this week – but I come with a black jacketed peace offering on Thursday. Can we all just drop whatever we’re holding onto at the moment and appreciate the utter magnificence that is Sarah Connolly chewing up the scenery? (more photos here – even one with fangirls. Involves back negligés, too.)

White I’m n0t sold on Charpentier’s very French phrasing in an English translation, I’m definitely sold on Connolly (which isn’t news, exactly, but who minds the picture?!).

The show is still running through mid-March for the lucky Londoners among us. The rest of us will have to come up with fan fiction in which Medée and Creusa dump Jason and make for a rainbow family sunset escape. Dragon wagon optional.

9 thoughts on “Black Jacket Thursday: Connolly”

  1. I saw this on the opening night, and scenery-chewing aside, Connolly is the most subtle thing about it. No dragon wagon, just a lift hidden under her inconveniently long skirt (now there’s a picture), and a pink, glittery plane standing in for Cupid’s chariot. The divine Miss Connolly aside, it’s all a bit rubbish really.


  2. A lot of people are raving about this production. I’m very tempted to pop over on a matinee day trip, but for once either I’m busy or flights are more expensive than the price remaining tickets. Its a terribly powerful story though: like Hercules really, early manifestations of insane jealousy and madness leading to rich musical opportunities. Like a lot of these operas, unfortunately the weakness of the original scores tend to come out in fresh performances and they are extremely difficult to review fairly.
    Connolly is a cracking performer though, and at the top of her game right now. As are all the English mezzos: must be the rain.


  3. The peace offering is very much appreciated but yet another absence of WSM noted with regret and the hope that the omission will be remedied in a suitably (or shirtably, as it were) appropriate manner.


  4. I saw Medea last night and am still reeling. Sarah was incredible going gradually bonkers as things get worse and worse for her.

    I am going again tomorrow.


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