Norma Noir


The cover Art for Bartoli’s “Norma” recording just dropped – Bellini meets 1940s Noir meets Anna Magnani?

I dig the dress. And the pose. And the font. (It looks like the poster for “Troubled Passagio”, which is obiously the story of a seasoned working class lady with a colorful past who despite better intentions ends up falling for the enthusastic ingenue she actually wants to roll her eyes at. Or something like that.)

The other two stills have a bit too much silent-movie eye shadow for me, but it’s edgy. Also available: hot soprano in glasses. You go, Sumi Jo! Who’s up for a bit of “Riddle me this, Norma” may go on video footage hunt here (I have issues with Firefox, let me know how it works for you).

Also, can we talk for a moment about how this dress is effectively a black shirt, generously unbuttoned and with rolled up sleeves?!

4 thoughts on “Norma Noir”

  1. So this morning, I’m innocently checking Google Reader (still mad that it’s going under in July), and this picture appears. I honestly thought that it was related to “Troubled Passage,” but then I saw it was the Bartoli Norma. For me, the only logical conclusion is that CB reads your work, loves it, and made this album art as a subtle shout-out to you and your readers. Like you said, she’s even got the white-shirt vibe going strong! I’ve saved this pic to my “desktop backgrounds – opera” folder. 😉


  2. Oh channeling Anna Magnani in Mama Rome I think… gorgeous image! Black shirt dress (unbuttoning thereof) in the white shirt manual yet Anik?


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