Once More, With Feeling


[campaign version of the “black shirt sleeves” Bartoli Norma shot (for a bigger version, click the image) – Photo Credit: the WhiteShirt friendly Marketing Dpt. of Decca]

Since I received various emails about the first image, I figured nobody would mind another version…and if I find it in poster/deskopt background size, I will post it another time.

Also, yesterday Decca officially dropped a first trailer on YT:

9 thoughts on “Once More, With Feeling”

  1. Umm…yeah. That scene offers numerous possibilities which remain frustratingly unexplored. That, however, is a most gratifying souvenir. 🙂


    1. I need an office just do copy that move! (in an odd self-fulfilling prophecy way of writings more than a decade past, our postdocs DO share the work space with the photocopiers these days)


      1. AND, just got around to listen to the music sample! i in line for 1 order. this will be my first official Bartoli’s disc! and may be she’ll convert me to Norma finally… (shhh, don’t spread the news, but i fell asleep at gruberova’s norma in munich! the idea of the soprano screaming for a tenor, what a turn off! wait, this is the one where she also killed off her 2 little kids right? hope i not getting it confused w/ aida :-D)


        1. the two kids was the original Medea, no killing of minors in Norma. They didn’t dare to go there, probably because the 19th century image of motherhood and femininity and the tie-back to biology.
          Much as I love Gruberova (her Mozart concert arias will forever be among the top ten in my disc pantheon of vocal perfection), I never warmed up to her Norma, and the Munich production didn’t do much for me, either,
          Now if we talk Naglestand in the WWII/French Resitane scenario at Staatsoper Stuttgart, staged by Wieler/Morabito, THEN we are getting somewhere. I was short of throwing underwear on stage after that one. Which I didn’t just admit to. Nope.


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