White Shirt Monday: Double Suit

WSM sstonnio colonia[BROTP: Franziska Gottwald (Sesto) and Adriana Bastidis Gamboa (Annio) in Uwe-Eric Laufenberg’s production of Mozart’s “La clemenza di Tito” for Opera Cologne, Cologne 2011]

Fine, the suits could be fitted differently, but bonus points for the tie knots and the cuff-and-wrist-shot in classic White Shirt slouch pose (uh, do White Shirts slouch?).

And apropos wrists: Over a decade ago, a femme-identified lesbian (her self-label) talked to me about what she would find the most attractive in a woman, and her first, sponaneous reply was, “subtly muscled forearms.”

It’s a reply I’ve never forgotten, and I doubt I ever will.

forearms exhibit 1[Franziska Gottwald (Sesto) in a pose (and polo) that would make ‘Fairbanks’ an apt last name for Sesto. – Cologne 2011]

13 thoughts on “White Shirt Monday: Double Suit”

    1. Gym weights? Great! Go for it!
      (I think I started around your age, too, and stuck to it for nearly a decade – addictive, AND makes great arms/shoulders 😉 )


    1. ooooh, definitely! When’s that? (and I see everyone has already been there 😉 If there ever was a reason to join FB; I think this would be it!)


      1. that was from 27th and 30th of april. lots of clips on YT, starting with her and this channel too! also, if you search for Roberto Alagna’s fb channel, lots of very cute curtain call photos (did you see the fabulous curtain call from the link i gave with arm?) Alagna’s fans are so bold and generous. the new VK trooper sent them requests and we ended up with lots of hi res photos and clips and new friends :-).


        1. of course, if there are actual clips, bring on the clips! And great to see the family growing. The more, the merrier!


      2. The hairstyle + jawline in this photo is strongly reminiscent of a certain Starfleet captain… “J7: The Opera” with libretto by Anik and music by someone far more clever than I. 🙂


      1. i was almost appreciative of tumblr links except we’ve pretty much for the whole week watched entire original clips where tumblr’s gif versions were derived from (in a comment above which i suspect ended up in spam box coz of links 🙂 ) .


        1. just got the comment out of hold – sorry. thanks for the links!
          I need to stop working so much and procrastinate more on YT. Look at all the stuff (SHOULDERS!!) I’m missing!


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