White Shirt Diva


[I believe the appropriate comment would be “Hnnnnggg!”. – Greta Garbo, photographed by Nickolaus Muray at MGM in summer of 1929. (click to enlarge) – Photo Credit: Greta Garbo – Das private Album. Berlin 2005, p. 87]

It’s been one of those weeks – traveling abroad for an underwhelming job interview, two days on the road behind the wheel, undercooked ramen noodles in the car,  pouring rain, and then immediately back to nightshifts for a research grant application. Hence the lack of posting. Please accept some Garbo in apology.

Garbo could count as the cinematographic mother of all 20th century White Shirts, but of course the White Shirts have two mommies, and the other one is called Marlene Dietrich (cue “We are family!” here).

14 thoughts on “White Shirt Diva”

  1. Undercooked car ramen? Breakfast of champions! But seriously, sounds like a sucky week – hope your next one is better! Also: I recently discovered ramen with melted cheese! It sounds blasphemous but it’s actually delicious.


  2. I’d say something if I could. Since I cannot I’ll merely join in all the breathless speechlessness because … just …. *gapes in all consuming awe*


  3. Now we know where Bartoli got her inspiration for the “Norma” cover!

    Hope this upcoming week is better for you. I’ve also been on a diet of instant noodles, since finals were this week. A lot of late studying and early exam-taking, but it’s all over now, so I can get back to the important things in life, like listening to opera and stalking opera blogs. 🙂


    1. addendum: concerning “family”, interesting, when I google “Greta Garbo suit”, the first pic is Marlene Dietrich in a suit! google is knowing its stuff! 😉


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