White Shirt Queen II: She Died With Her Boots On

[What do you call a person who likes big dogs, riding boots and masculine associated attire? (Other than ‘a perfect date’, I mean). Greta Garbo in “Queen Christine.” – Photo Credit: Greta Garbo. Ein Wunder in Bildern. Wien 1937, s.p.]

I’ve decided that the only thing making this prolonged application-writing bearable is a Golden Age Garbo White Shirt Week to tide me over.

Also, I still have to see a bigger White Shirt collar than this one. – Thibault, take notice! Less prancing and more stancing while playing that guitar, and Eboli might discover her cougar streak (unless she is, as my head canon has it, madly in love with the Queen).

11 thoughts on “White Shirt Queen II: She Died With Her Boots On”

  1. Wowza! I think I could convince the three Whisketeers to like dogs if Greta was included! Hugs Peet and the furkids


  2. Oh goodness, I think “a perfect date” is the only correct answer to this question. It never fails to amaze (and please!) me how you can find so many handsome white-shirt photos on a weekly basis. 🙂

    On an operatic white-shirt note, I’ve been listening to the von Otter Ariodante a lot lately. It is as wonderful as everyone has said. Podles in particular is phenomenal– that chest voice!


    1. GOD that Ariodante!!! (I actually went on a pilgrimage to hear it in concert, although on the tour, Podlés was replaced by Tro Santafé) Yes. Definitely. In every way. Repeatedly!!


    2. That is, IMO, the best Ariodante ever. I’ve heard all of the other mezzos sing at least excerpts (with one notable exception who i believe has recorded a Handel disk for release this year), and von Otter beats every other Ariodante hands down. I love the brash tempi on this recording, though I remember at the time they came into a lot of criticism. The preference was still very much for McGegan/Hunt style delicacy, before REAL operatic singing came back into vogue for baroque singing (and of course Hunt herself went far more emotive in her style before sadly parting company with this world).


  3. “Take the swiftest horse in the stable,” Orlando said, “ride for dear life to Harwich. There embark upon a ship which you will find bound for Norway. Buy for me from the King’s own kennels, the finest of elk hounds of the Royal strain, male and female. Bring them back without delay. For I have done with men.”
    How apt, that the French call her “Christine de Suede.”


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