White Shirt Diva IV: Negotiating Power

[The Art of Garbo: if you don’t even need to stand to tower over someone. – Greta Garbo and John Gilbert in “Queen Christine”. – Photo Credit: Greta Garbo. Ein Wunder in Bildern. Wien 1937, s.p.]

So… this is after Cherubino ran off with the Countess, but instead of putting him into peasant girl clothes again, the Countess decides do don some masculine garb to tavel unhindered and also to make absolutely clear who is wearing the pants here. So when one day over breakfast in a tavern (after a rosenkavalieresque night upstairs, of course), Antonio comes upon them – again, he has a track record of finding Cherubino and embarrassing the Countess – Cherubino gets a little nervous and protective (and doesn’t he just look shiny in his garb with his locks?), but the Countess doesn’t even bother getting up and just stares Antonio down. – “Sure, ride back and tell my husband about us. You can also tell him that his clothes look much better on me than on him.” (at which point a dreamy-eyed Cherubino would mentally add, “…on you, and on the bedroom floor.”

And now someone please take away my keyboard before my hallucinations take a turn for the worse and I actually compose fanfic on the time gap between part II and III of Beaumarchais’ Figaro trilogy.

7 thoughts on “White Shirt Diva IV: Negotiating Power”

  1. Don’t look now, dear, but you’ve already started that fanfic. And the world needs it badly.

    After kissing Susanna goodbye

    Rosina gallops into Seville on a big white horse to announce herself as the new colonel of the count’s regiment. “Oh, and this is the new ensign. He’ll be my aide-de-camp.” Mutterings from the troops are rapidly suppressed, with the help of a couple of recent recruits named Ferrando and Guglielmo; Antonio is sent back with this message for Almaviva; orders are given to embark; and amid embraces and band music, they take ship to join the troops of Catherine the Great

    in her war with . . . Sweden.
    When Rosina and Catherine meet, well, you know.

    As for the reported crime in La Mere Coupable: a combination of the Victor Barker story and Some Like It Hot: “I wanted to thank you for covering for me. You’re a real pal.” Call it Me and the Colonel.


    1. …I think the fanfic has just been written.

      (Now I am wondering whether recents recruits Ferrando and Guglielmo are very clean-shaven and have not quite-so-well fitting uniforms… if the running off plan of Fiordilig’s at the beginning of the second act had come through, we might have had “Sisters Doin’t It For Themselves” for Act III. Missed opportunities!)


  2. avidly awaiting your (already clearly in progress) opera fanfic.

    Also…something about that photo makes me think it’s Janeway in an alternate universe, about to take down those 2 and rescue 7 and then…well you know. She’s got that Janeway glare, you know?


    1. and here I always thought Mulgrew channeled Hepburn exclusively… I now need to revisit that equation with Garbo in mind!


  3. I feel some Garbo-fever this week… not that I have any complaints 🙂
    Flesh and the Devil and her Queen Christina are still one of my beloved classics 🙂


    1. yup, this week was Garbo week, due to popular request. I am working some Troubled Passage for tonight, but still don’t know whether I will finish in time.


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