From the Writing Desk: Troubled Passage #33 delayed

[artwork by Rykoe]

There will be no new chapter this weekend; #33 gets pushed to next Friday/Saturday. Sorry!

I thought I could fit it in last night, but the chapter proves to be a little more complex because of, well, stuff.

Also, the big grant application that I spent the last two months preparing needs to be in the mail this upcoming week and there are still some bits to sort out and write.


On a postdoctoral sidenote: I am tired of self-proclaimed general grants that are still tailored to the mechanics of Sciences – “attach your two most important publications, and mark your authoring percentage. Also, we don’t need your Ph.D. script.”


That works for shared-author papers and unpublished dissertations (i.e. in Sciences), whereas in my field, my PhD script is published and clearly my most important work to date (and I am pretty sure that the grant committee does not want to read 300+ pages on Assyrian Pottery, even though it’s a nice book). Also, my authoring percentage on all my papers is 100%. Hello, Humanities exist. Or is that already a subtle discouragement regarding applications from the Humanities camp?!

Next week: less bitching about academia, more bickering between Catherine and Anne. Promise.

Thank you for your patience!

6 thoughts on “From the Writing Desk: Troubled Passage #33 delayed”

  1. Your PhD script is indeed a very nice book, one which I hope to place on my shelf soon – hint, hint, hint. Take your time with Catherine and Anne – I think they are fine at the moment – counting bruises and … maybe kisses. Good luck with the application!


  2. Ayyy! I hope the application is going well and get less painful to deal with. We will be patiently awaiting the next chapter, no worries. animo! (with accent in “a”. Sorry, not sure why it is isn’t working)


  3. Hi Anik,

    How goes the process for possibly publishing Campus? Is your dissertation available for reading? Just curious since I have been a follower of yours since way back when.



    1. Back since the early chapters of Campus, I believe!

      No news on the publishing front since I either manage to write a story, or to edit one – so as long as I am working on Troubled Passage, I won’t get a chance to look at Campus. Why don’t the days have more hours?


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