White Shirt Monday: Commando

OF luz höhn[No brown after, uhm, six? – Marie-Luise Dressen (Orlando) in Handel’s “Orlando” as staged by Eva-Maria Höckmayr, Lucerne 2012. – Photo Credit: Ingo Höhn]

What’s better than an opera with a White Shirt?

An opera with a White Shirt without a shirt.

And what’s even better?

And opera with two White Shirts. Without any shirts.

(And soprano/mezzo action. Plus one soprano/mezzo couple riding off into the sunset. And there is still no must-have DVD of the opera out there. From the look of the suits, they should have taped this one!)


7 thoughts on “White Shirt Monday: Commando”

  1. On the subject of Orlando, there was a very appealling “punk” Orlando done at the Kammeroper in Wien last week. Its still up here on http://www.sonostream.tv/ – countertenor Rupert Enticknap is in the title role, but the corresponding trouser/male part is played by a young mezzo Gaia Petrone, who basically plays it as a baby butch dyke and makes a great job of it. The soprano roles are marvellous also – its a very enjoyable watch.

    Oh to have seen the early nights of the ROH production from 2003 though!


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