Mezzo Alert: von Otter with “Terezín” at Cité de la musique

ASVO citéHow about a trip to Paris in early June? Stroll along Place des Vosges, revel in the reality of marriage equality, go to a concert?

La Cité de la Musique is putting on a Song/Voice festival for the weekend of June 9th/10th, which includes a rendition of von Otter’s Terezín program, with von Otter, Hope, Forsberg and Risenfors, who were all involved in the recording project.

Prices are very moderate (20/25€), so if you happen to be in Paris on the afternoon of June 9th, check it out – the recording is great, but the impact of the repertory is far more powerful in live performance.

And if you need another reason (or if you can’t make it, much like me), listen to thegrande dame herself and check out the video trailer!

The small print says that it is from the upcoming documentary on Music in Terezín that is linked to von Otter’s work and reflection of the matter, and to her testimony both of this music, and of music as what makes us human and able to hold on under unspeakable conditions. Do not miss!

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