White Shirt Monday: À la pâle clarte…

KTLnds_CdH-Nckl_KNHwrd_09[And this is how “Moulin Rouge” would have been a whole lot more interesting: Kate Lindsey as Nicklausse in Offenbach’s “Les contes d’Hoffmann”, New York/MET 2009. – Photo Credit: Ken Howard/MET]

Also, this would possibly make me read/watch a 19th century vampire adaptation. And (with the exception of Buffy) that’s saying something. Furthermore, we may need “Marlene – the Opera” and a genderswapped Dorian Gray.

(and possibly a less heterocentrist, less sulky update to Baudelaire who apparently couldn’t take  a ‘no’ without whining in a-b-a-b for three pages)

And since there is definitely not enough Kate Lindsey in trousers yet (could there ever be?), you can watch her current portrayal of the Composer in Strauss’ “Ariadne auf Naxos” in Glyndebourne via livestream tomorrow (Eyes reported on this already), starting at 6.55 GMT. No top hats, but white shirts, cufflinks and a definite ‘Victor’ flourish to the outfits.

12 thoughts on “White Shirt Monday: À la pâle clarte…”

  1. I just looked up the Baudelaire reference and my Mac translated into English – it was hideous and I prefer LXXX to LXXX1.
    Anticipating Composer.


  2. Isambard Queendom Steampunk:

    Ariadne – “Glyndebourne’s new production will be streamed live from the festival on 4 June at 7pm and available to view again on demand until 31 August,” says the Guardian. Air raid warning: they’ve set it in England during the Blitz.


  3. I’ve been listening to the news about the dreadful weather events and was wondering if your region has been inundated? Stay safe.


    1. Thank you for asking, Eyes – luckily, we’re not hit and it finally stopped raining last night. But half an hour from here, there are town centers under water. It seems that at least in the South, the levels are falling again by now.


    2. great to hear your area is not suffering Anik. am hearing more and more about it now that we have increasing number of visitors from Germany here for meeting, something about record level of water in certain area since 1500’s even…


      1. yes, Dr. T, Passau had indeed higher leves than in 1501, which was the highest measured so far. The annual Handel festival in Halle got canceled in its entirety (parts of the city center are flooded), Dresden is still fighting and hoping, with the famous city center spared so far. Some smaller towns and villages both in the South and the East have turned into islands, with evacuations. Same is true for Czechia and Austria. In some places, the roofs have disappeared beneath the waters! It’s hard to believe, even seeing the photos.
        We really got incredibly lucky here, water levels are high everywhere, but there was just one critical dyke in the South of the city, and held up. Now the whole mess rolls on up North and will threaten the people living there…


      2. Thanks a lot Eyes and Anik for the updates. got mine here from our colleague visitting from awi who described it in term of atmospheric pattern. I guess you know all this already but please excuse my ignorance, i had to do a bit of research to try to understand where the rain comes from. i found this and this quite insightful, even though it’s the 2002 event but this year seems to be of the same system (?)


        1. thank you for the links! There’s a lot of saying that this mirrors the 2002 events (in some cases worse, in others a little lighter), so you definitely have a point there.


  4. Speaking of Hoffman, there are two Hoffman’s of note coming up – SF had their dress rehearsal at the weekend for the Pelly production with Dessay and Brower (replacing a certain English mezzo who sadly, withdrew before getting there), and the wonderful Tara Erraught is in a Munich production starting this week also. Neither are down for streaming but both are likely to turn up as radio broadcasts in the coming weeks so worth watching out for.


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