White Shirt Monday: Falling In Love Again

[Silver, White and Roses. Floor color optional, cufflinks: insane. – Kathrin Göring (Octavian) and Eun Yee You (Sophie) during the Presentation of the Rose, Richard Strauss, “Rosenkavalier”, Leipzig 2012. – Photo Credit: Andreas Birkigt/Oper Leipzig]

All it takes is a silver rose, some white taffeta and a few chords of celesta to transport most opera dykes to a place of magic (even if many of us would choose Marie-Theres’ every time).

I was reminded of it on Friday, when Andris Nelson rocked the Rosenkavalier Suite (if you ever lack the time for the whole four hours, take the 25-minute suite instead – lacking the mezzos, but sporting the top ten tunes in one big arrangement that requires seven people on percussion alone) at the Gewandhaus.

My only lucid thought throughout may have been, “This is better than sex.”

Well, perhaps not better, but there is a parallel when it comes to the blend of transcendence and sheer physicality that is utterly convincing. At least it was on Friday night.

[I know that there is very little in the way of opera blogging on my part these days. I blame life, that has me rearrange large parts of it at the moment. Once “Troubled Passage” is finished (three more chapters to go and I plan on posting every week, day optional), I should be back for the Baroque Opera Summer Festival season.]

9 thoughts on “White Shirt Monday: Falling In Love Again”

  1. I must share – I went to the Rosenkavalier revival in Zürich and it was wonderful! There’s still a chance to see it so if you can – go! It’s the production captured on DVD ten years ago but only 3 of the leads are the same singers – Kasarova as Octavian, Stemme as the Feltmarschallin and Aldred Muff as Ochs. They all seemed to really enjoy themselves on stage, Kasarova leaping about full of energy, Muff showing off his looong, deep notes and Stemme majestic and touching. It looked a lot like the DVD but of course not identical. For example Kasarova forgot to wave the poker while singing “I’m the master in here!” and had to run and fetch it later. One thing I don’t know if it’s on the DVD, perhaps you can’t tell because it’s a close-up of Octavian and Sophie, is that during their duet when they sing something like a short moment of bliss, all the people in the busy kitchen froze so it was obvious it was just that – a moment, a glance, but feeling like eternity – very effective. I was in one of the front rows and the orchestra was a little too loud, you could probably hear the singing better from the balconies. There were lesbian couples in the boxes with the best view, obviously knowing what they were doing. I brought some fragrant pink peonies from my garden to throw to VK but missed though – they fell into the orchestra pit but were thrown back up again and she seemed really happy and excited about them so I’m in heaven. The only question is: what to do with the rest of my life?


    1. ooooh, so glad to hear regarding the performance and that you had a great time.
      “what to do with the rest of my life?”
      short term: buy more tickets for the rest of the run! am coming! pending flight/train/conference suspense
      long term… 🙂

      ps- i don’t think she “forgot” things as she seems to improvise on the fly. of the multiple times i’ve seen her in a same run, she never does the same thing twice.


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