The Ditz And The Bitch: Vivaldi Candy Store at Musikfest Bremen

darioThis blog’s equivalent to being locked up in a candy store overnight might boil down to a nice, long Baroque opera featuring two of world’s best contraltos, three mezzos and a soprano (plus a tenor and a baritone for gender equality) in an assortment of messy love triangles.

Up until last night, I didn’t know that such an opera actually existed. And then I went to see “L’incoronazione di Dario” by Vivaldi at Musikfest Bremen. It’s not the complete “new discovery” it’s being hailed to be by the marketing forces (there is, in fact, an older recording from the 1980s on harmonia mundi), although it is definitely a new take on the material. In retrospect, I shouldn’t be surprised that it is a Venetian carnival opera – all the trademark elements are there: personnel from different classes intermingling, enough unapologetic scheming for a whole season of Falcon Crest, a rather song-like, melodious take on the arias.

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