White Shirt Monday: Toga Take

crllo caio innsbruck[Mad Xena Valkyries? Legolas furioso? – Lucia Cirillo as Caio in Vivaldi’s “Ottone” at Festwochen der Alten Musik, Innsbruck 2010. – Photo Credit: Festwochen/Innsbruck]

Turns out the new mezzo discovery in pants has been on the Italian opera circuit for well over a decade, with stints all over Europe (also in skirts), but it’s always nice to see a performer – particularly one who has also done Adalgisa, and I don’t mean that from Norma’s point of view (at least not this time) – take the White Shirt concept global across the ages. It looks like White Shirt Über! (or, as I’ve learned the Tumblr folks are calling it these days, a White Shirt AU, though AU used to be something very specific – same time/space, but other patterns, much like the DS9 alternative universe – back in the day. Which brings me back to the Xena Valkyries. But that is a post for another day.)

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