White Shirt Monday: I Need A Hero


[The space oepra continues, though I’m not quite sure whether it is Romeo Starbuck in a Cylon tryst (any arguments against Three? No? Didn’t think so…) or whether someone in charge has read Megan Rose Geddis’ wonderfully camp graphic novel, “I was kidnapped by lesbian pirates from outer space” (any complaints against such a kidnapping? No? Didn’t think so, either). – Nicole Cabell (Giulietta) and Joyce DiDonato (Romeo) in Bellini’s “I Capuleti e i Montecchi”, Kansas City 2013. – Photo Credit: Cory Weaver for Lyric Opera of Kansas City]

There is a cultural narrative that informs the trope of female singers “growing out of trouser roles”, just as it used to inform the idea of female singers getting married meaning they had to stop performing (as late as the 1960s!).

And then there’s Joyce DiDonato, proving it all wrong.

And in the wonderland that is queer opera admiration, sometimes, if you call out for a hero(ine), you’ll have a mezzo coming to the aural rescue within a heartbeat. At least if it’s 1820s and 1830s Italian belcanto.

Eyes already blogged a few of the official stills from this production a while back, but it’s clealry going to be a while still until I am over this “Queer Battlestar Galactica in Space” event.

10 thoughts on “White Shirt Monday: I Need A Hero”

    1. oh, it’s a fun read and plays with lots of tropes. Not sure it’s still available for free online, but well worth it. I don’t think I’ll ever think of the phrase “Oh Captain, my Captain” the same way again.


        1. oh, I had forgotten about that one!
          Time for a reread.
          (although I probably should apologize for the fiction I keep tossing at you. Probably there’s a Dantean cirlce of hell reserved for me where all the highbrow literates will sneer at me for eternity)


        2. man, i late to party coz it was a holiday in US yesterday so i forgot it was monday! since congress is still negotiating hostage release of computing resources, i should take advantage and join Eyes on iwkblpfos! and perhaps a 1-pg summary of the fiction instead of results at talk next week!
          ps- did i mention when i started 6 yrs ago, we bought a computer and needed a name for it, and my advisor at that time, being Greek, always chose greek goddess names.. and gave me a couple of options including Sapfo?


  1. And also, please keep the everything recommendations coming. iwkblpfos! sounds like all I ever wanted. Well, besides, queer battlestar space opera, perhaps.


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